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Medellín, Antioquia, Colombia | Established. Jan 01, 1989 | INDIE

Medellín, Antioquia, Colombia | INDIE
Established on Jan, 1989
Band Metal Thrash Metal




"Thrash metal thats rocking the woooooorld!"

Hi! I did give a listen to your band ATHANATOR this morning. You guys sound great. From the very first notes I knew I was going to like it. In a way I felt like I was transported back to the 80's, and I mean that as the highest complement! The band you remind me of is one of my absolute favorites, Testament! (Again, meant as the highest complement!) The music is hard and driving; perfect thrash. Very fast and aggressive, as thrash should be. I must admit you are one of the best of what I like to call "growly" bands, because although the vocals are shouted and well, growled, I can still understand the lyrics, which is very important to me! Actually for a crazy, loud thrash band, I would give you guys 10/10 - Erika Warecki

"Athanator from Colombia"

Tormentor Erich: 'Oh boy, metal from Colombia. That should be something different' was the first sentence that came into my mind when I was reading the information attached to this 'Earth Of Blood' CD by Athanator. I could not contain my curiosity and I played the CD at once. Not very long after I have pressed play my longing for the great unknown was gone, though. The reason: the music from Athanator is nothing more then one big pile of very average thrash metal. Okay, it sounds not bad and the band knows how to play a song. There are also some moments that are interesting enough like the fast part from 'Without Choice', but most of the time it is all too slow and too predictable. A song like 'Perverse Paradise' or 'The Cold Hour Before Dawn' for example keeps on dragging itself around. There are no furious riffs or flashing solos. I mention these two tracks as an example here, but I could have named any other title from this record. So this really is not a CD to look out for.
Score: 51/100 .
- Lords of Metal

"Klassischen Thrash Metal"

Klassischen Thrash Metal gibt es von diesen vier Gestalten hier aus Kolumbien. Athanator haben sich alte Helden wie Destruction, Sodom oder Kreator als Vorbild genommen und holzen hier recht anständig drauflos, und zwar ohne Gnade. Natürlich kommt man an die Vorbilder noch nicht ran, auch der Sound ist leider etwas dünn ausgefallen, weshalb die Scheibe nicht die Brutalität zum Hörer transportiert, welche die Songs aufgrund ihres zügigen Tempos eigentlich besitzen. Das Riffing ist auch noch etwas ausbaufähig, es werden zwar hier und da schon richtig gute Ideen verbraten, aber dazwischen gibt es noch zuviel ausbaufähiges Durchschnittsgedöhns. Am wichtigsten jedoch ist, das nächste Mal deutlich mehr Wert auf einen anständigen Sound zu legen. In ihrem Heimatland Kolumbien hat die Horde anscheinend schon einige ausverkaufte Gigs absolviert (u.a. mit Destruction), weshalb wir sicher bald wieder von ihnen hören werden. Immerhin liegt der Veröffentlichungstermin von "The perfect enemy" schon knapp ein Jahr zurück.
Chris- Oct 2007.
- Chris Metzner

"Athanator - The Perfect Enemy"

Released: 3rd December 2007
Label: LIXO Sonido + Discos

Athanator rock harder than a box full of rocks which, given the rock content of a box of rocks, is quite an achievement. With a particularly virulent strain of thrash that rumbles tighter than a snake in a hose-pipe, it is clear that these guys perspire with admiration for such old-school gods as Metallica and Slayer. But tracks such as Thoughts on the Battlefield and Smile of the Death prove that they are by no means a tribute act.

For more information you can visit: - Rob Spencer (


ATHANATOR is an in your face thrash band based out of South America. Their sound is equivalent to the powerhouses of Kreator, Sepultura, and Testament. Their latest CD, The Perfect Enemy, must be turned all the way up to shake your windows and annoy your neighbors! After a minute through the first song, the frenetic music gets your heart pumping and your head banging. The best thing about the CD is that this pace never stops. Once a song ends and you want to catch your breath, another song smashes through your speakers with no remorse. The drums on this album are pulsating, and keep the thrash attack a constant force on the listener. The vocals are scratchy, mean, and quick, and will bring metal fans back to the origins of true thrash metal. The guitars on this album create a blistering speed that keeps attacking you, whether you want more or not. The solo's are fast, clean, and breathtaking. Each solo is exactly what I would want for a band like this. This has been one of my favorite reviews to do, because they make me want to hop on a plane and see them in South America. I'm sure the crowds at Athanator's live shows are constantly moving, and I know circle pits are a must. If you're a fan of thrash metal, this band is a MUST for you to check out. Athanator may never get the attention that they deserve, but they definitely won over one metalhead. Hails!
- Target Audience

"Athanator- Architect of Disaster 2010"

“La única manera de hablar de la muerte es negarla”, sentencia de Sigmund Freud, uno de los revolucionarios de la sicología. Cita que hace el guitarrista y vocalista del grupo Jaime Ocampo en el librillo de esta producción. Athanator es la negación de la muerte. Definición directa para este cuarteto de Medellín que celebra los 20 años de existencia con la edición de este trabajo, un cd más un dvd que han llamado ARCHITECT OF DESASTER.
No muchas bandas nacionales editan un trabajo en estos dos formatos simultáneamente. El riesgo que asumió el grupo es calculado. Lo es porque sabe que lo de ellos es Thrash Metal de gran factura. Como ha sido costumbre en Athanator, sus líricas son un llamado a la reflexión sobre la vida partiendo de la muerte como parte fundamental de ella.
La música de Athanator no varía mucho. La vieja escuela del Thrash sigue latiendo dentro de cada uno de los integrantes del grupo. La alineación para este ‘Arquitecto…’ es la misma que viene trabajando desde hace un buen tiempo: Jaime Ocampo en la guitarra y la voz, Eder Zapata en la otra guitarra, Kike Ramírez en el bajo y Repe Mejía en la batería. En cada una de las canciones la presencia de la muerte es permanente, es la invitada de honor a la celebración de la vida.
En el dvd podemos ver los videos de algunos temas así como el testimonio de algunos de los integrantes del ‘Clan’ Athanator sobre el proceso de grabación del cd, sobre el significado del grupo para cada uno de ellos y sobre todo, de la buena energía que se siente por todos lados en la banda.
La producción en general, bastante buena, tanto la presentación (Caja de lujo), como el cd y el dvd, dan cuenta del profesionalismo con que Athanator viene asumiendo su internacionalización. Este ARCHITECT OF DESASTER se consigue en CD en USA, Twilight Records en Argentina y en otros países. En Colombia, a través de tiendas especializadas.
Termina Jaime Ocampo la presentación de este trabajo así: “…Este disco, celebra 20 años de lucha por la vida, de lucha por el Metal, es una fiesta en honor de los muertos…para los vivos”.
Para mayor información sobre ARCHITECT OF DISASTER... - Javier Barrero (

"ATHANATOR: The Perfect Enemy, an Architect of Disaster?"

Though Athanator was a name often on the wind surrounding our ears the RR had never taken the plunge and investigated the band further despite their mention always coming in positive and strong declarations. Thanks to an email from Alberto Arias of their Columbian label LIXO Sonido & Discos the chance to remedy that fell into our laps as two of their albums The Perfect Enemy and Architect of Disaster were sent our way for covering. Neither is new, from 2006 and 2009 respectively, but such their quality and compelling persuasion another of our intermittent retrospective reviews was definitely the order of the day.

Hailing from Medellin, Colombia, Athanator formed in 1989 and was soon one of the biggest draws on the country’s metal underground scene. Demo recordings began building an emerging stature for the band with the usual line-up shuffles many bands go through adding spice to the progress of the band. 2000 saw the band release debut album Rise the Death which not only cemented the band’s place in the passions of the underground but sparked wider world awareness for their contagious melody fuelled thrash metal. A place on Raise The Slaughter- A Tribute to Slayer in 2002 only brought greater recognition upon the quartet leading the band to selling out numerous shows and supporting German thrashers Destruction, whilst second album Earth of Blood, a release bursting with old school thrash might, pushed the band further into the sight of the world before the two albums concentrated on here sealed the deal andset the band one of the best emerging metal bands not only from South America but the genre itself.

The Perfect Enemy instantly warns the ear with the first track’s war zone introduction. Thoughts On The Battlefield then eruptsinto viewand into a charge of thumping rhythms and explosive riffs; its eager and hungry assault gnawing the ear to spark an immediate appetite for release and sound. As the hoarse vocals ofJaime Ocampo graze the senses from within the fiery and greedy exploits of his and Eder Zapata’s guitar enterprise, the track brings the prime essences of Slayer and Anthrax into a keen and potent mix.It is maybe not the most staggering start but is the perfect appetiser for the likes of the rapacious Fill Your Heart With Fury and the predatoryUnsocial God to build upon. The first of the pair employs essential grooves into its adrenaline driven riff attack with the vocals finding an even more impressive position at the heart of the climactic song. The bass of Kike Ramirez enjoyably grumbles and prowls gloriously throughout song and album whilst the drums ofJuan Carlos Sanchez, which for personal tastes are given a weak tinny production, cages it all with flare and skilled eagerness.

The third song on the album is a trigger to greater things on the release, its imaginative welcome and twists bringing a varied slant to sound and release. There is a Metallica like whisper through its emerging shadows and riveting sonic premise whilst Cavalera Conspiracy intimidation teases across the restrained but potent provocation. This new level is matched by the creative riots of Purifiedand the scintillating Gallery Of Dreams whilst Smile Of The Death with riffs and rhythms flying from its core like missiles steals top honours on the album with its mix of Static X and Megadeth seeded invention. After a more than decent startThe Perfect Enemy evolves into one fine thrash/metal album finishing with another triumph in the mighty shape of Hatred In Shater. Its successor Architect of Disaster again opens with a scene setting breath, this time an industrialised haunting atmosphere generating menace and fear. It leads into first songMorbid Fear with evocative hues which seamlessly evolve into confrontational jaws of the opener. Instantly there feels a darker more predacious energy and breath to the album than its predecessor which soaks the song with formidable intensity. Like on the previous album the opening song is a very solid and welcoming encounter which awakens the senses for following songs to exploit better, though it should be noted the guitar play and spicy latter hooks offered are pure addiction.

The following tempest of The Army Of Death raises the temperature and intimidation higher whilst the likes of Scarred For Life and Method To The Madnesswhip up deeper passion for their destructive temptations. The first of the two songs grinds away at the emotions and body with grinding grooves and rabid riffs whilst the drums of Repe Mejia, the only change in the line-up to the last album, punch and slap the ear as a mighty hunger for the album breaks loose, soon to be satisfied by the blistering storm of the second of the pair. As it taunts and drags the passions into its anthemic fire thoughts of Testament and Kreator are no strangers but as before it is fair to say the song and sound is distinctly Athanator’s.

There is an open maturity and adventure pinning this album to the - Pete @ The Ring Master

"Architec of Disaster"

"Architect of Desaster" CD 2013 Columbia Thrash Metal , a raw and heavy band that kicks the ass such as Sepultura, DxRxP , Holy Moses and else. All the good component to mosh to!!! - Franck Michaud

"Athanator - Architect of Disaster"

After some puzzling I finally got it: ‘Architect Of Disaster’ is the new studio album from this Colombian band, wrapped in a DVD cover and with a short bonus DVD in it as well that shows us some clips and some studio footage.

The DVD is okay. The clips (made with a computer, recorded live in the studio and live on stage) make a decent impression and during the interviews the band tells enthusiastically about the new album. The only minor detail is the fact that they speak in their homeland language and without subtitles so I don’t understand a thing about it.

Fortunately the new album is sung in English and my ears are happy about that. And what I hear is alright. The four dudes from Athanator have made some improvements regarding to their 2005 album ‘Earth Of Blood’. That album was too much of the same and not exciting enough to keep an eye on. This time things have changed. Athanator is playing tighter now and the title track or a song like ‘Method To Madness’ have got this catchy edge that invites to nod along. The rather slow but also powerful one ‘Raise The Death’ could be an ode to Peter Steele and his Type O Negative and also a track like ‘Void’ sounds convincing because of that unexpected slower part in the end.

I think that Athanator will never become a big name in the land of metal, but the band kept going on believing in their selves, and the result is that ‘Architect Of Disaster’ can be heard.

Rating: 64/100 - Lords of Metal

"ATHANATOR - A Thrash from Columbia"

The songs are great! I think you've done an even better job on the few tracks I have listened to from the new Athanator CD. It's fantastic that you have added variety to your Thrash sound with some killer solo's on top of not just thrash! All that and you've included some great melodies to create one very interesting and addictive combination of modern Thrash with todays sound and style heavy metal also offers!
- Mike Lazariz (


Albums released by Indie Labels:

  1. Raise the Death - Album(LIXO Sonido & Discos,2000) Re-issued Nov. 2010
  2. Raise The Slaugther- A Tribute to Slayer (Sin Piedad Records, 2002)
  3. Earth of Blood - Album (LIXO Sonido & Discos, 2004)
  4. The Perfect Enemy - Album - (LIXO Sonido & Discos,2006).
  5. Architect of Disaster - CD + DVD(LIXO Sonido & Discos, Nov. 2009).
  6. Savior of God - MP3 recorded live without net (LIXO Sonido & Discos - October 2010)
  7. Antologia de la Muerte - CD-(Ultrametal Productions- June 2014)



Since their humble start in 1989 as an underground band from Medellin, Colombia, ATHANATOR have managed to establish themselves as one of America’s top thrash metal acts through hard work, relentless concerts, and consistently solid albums. What has set ATHANATOR apart from the rest of the metal scene since the very beginning is their use of death obsession and imagery in lyrics and artwork, as well as a talent for writing epic, memorable melodies, which underline their solemn yet killer approach to heavy music.

The band went through the usual demo recordings and line-up changes in the beginning stages, but in 2000 made its first mark with the CD “Rise the Death”. A one-off affair with (of all places) Colombia’s LIXO Sonido & Discos, this CD did not only plant ATHANATOR’s flag in the underground metal landscape, but also gained the band a multi-fan around the world.

In 2002 a tribute to Slayer called “Rise the Slaughter”, led the band as the first thrash metal act honored by metal fanzines, e-zines and every metal head in the town. They have been in many sold-out concerts catching fans, performing on many gigs including a support show for German Thrashers: DESTRUCTION.

Ateneo Porfirio Barba Jacob Corporation signed a deal with ATHANATOR to release at mid 2004, their “Earth of Blood” album.15 tunes from the old school thrash metal with new sounds supported by promotional video clips and many shows across the country that put ATHANATOR on international carpet and opened doors for independent labels in USA, Germany and Rise Star Records from Chile to plug the album across the world.

The fourth CD arrives for September 2006. It join explicit lyrics that fed their experiences, as well as inspiration from their own nightmares: “The Perfect Enemy” an album with eleven aggressive and powerful thrash sounds, frenetic lyrics, and fast and furious riffs supported by marching beats that fill any brain with schizophrenic metal. The Perfect Enemy available worldwide through it comes with a heavy support in videos, interviews as well as shows sharing stages with American masters: Sadus, Krisiun, from Brazil and Carajo from Argentina as well as many, many more concerts and international festivals! Like Altavoz, during 2006/2008.

For 2009 Combine extreme music with an edgy, biting implacability, complement it with truly motivated lyrics that have a distinct tendency to point the finger at grievances and aren't afraid of exposing abhorrent facts, and you just might get a sense of the pandemonium of sounds on “Architect of Disaster”, the latest recording by Colombia's cult thrash metal act. This time around we wanted to deliver as dynamic of a production as possible. There can be no doubt that we've achieved our target in Architect of Disaster. The album was recorded, and produced Jose Uribe our creative fifth man, again. The result is exactly what one would expect from ATHANATOR in terms of its energy and stylistic direction to be nominated as best hard rock album at end 2010 by Shock Magazine. Architect of Disaster brilliantly conveys the same intense energy that ATHANATOR is known for in their live stage shows during the following years.

In 2014 the band release “Antologia de la Muerte” a CD compilation with 15 classics tunes released previously in the early 90`s. The album comes to share 25 years in scene through a South American tour extended during 18 months. The album will be a desert for the forthcoming album to be out late in 2015.

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