Medellín, Antioquia, COL
BandMetalThrash Metal

Metal band that blend old school with aggressive thrash sounds, hellish lyrics, plus fast and furious riffs supported by marching beats that fill any brain with schizophrenic metal. A mix between Slayer, Metallica and Kreator with classic and modern touches giving insane and frenetic sounds


Since their humble start in 1989 as an underground band from Medellin, Colombia, ATHANATOR have managed to establish themselves as one of America’s top thrash metal acts through hard work, relentless concerts, and consistently solid albums. What has set ATHANATOR apart from the rest of the metal scene since the very beginning is their use of death obsession and imagery in lyrics and artwork, as well as a talent for writing epic, memorable melodies, which underline their solemn yet killer approach to heavy music.

The band went through the usual demo recordings and line-up changes in the beginning stages, but in 2000 made its first mark with the CD “Rise the Death”. A one-off affair with (of all places) Colombia’s LIXO Sonido & Discos, this CD did not only plant ATHANATOR’s flag in the underground metal landscape, but also gained the band a multi-fan around the world.

In 2002 a tribute to Slayer called “Rise the Slaughter”, led the band as the first thrash metal act honored by metal fanzines, e-zines and every metal head in the town. They have been in many sold-out concerts catching fans, performing on many gigs including a support show for German Thrashers: DESTRUCTION.

Ateneo Porfirio Barba Jacob Corporation signed a deal with ATHANATOR to release at mid 2004, their “Earth of Blood” album.15 tunes from the old school thrash metal with new sounds supported by promotional video clips and many shows across the country that put ATHANATOR on international carpet and opened doors for independent labels in USA, Germany and Rise Star Records from Chile to plug the album across the world.

The fourth CD arrives for September 2006. It join explicit lyrics that fed their experiences, as well as inspiration from their own nightmares: “The Perfect Enemy” an album with eleven aggressive and powerful thrash sounds, frenetic lyrics, and fast and furious riffs supported by marching beats that fill any brain with schizophrenic metal. The Perfect Enemy available worldwide through it comes with a heavy support in videos, interviews as well as shows sharing stages with American masters: Sadus, Krisiun, from Brazil and Carajo from Argentina as well as many, many more concerts and international festivals! Like Altavoz, during 2006/2008.

For 2009 Combine extreme music with an edgy, biting implacability, complement it with truly motivated lyrics that have a distinct tendency to point the finger at grievances and aren't afraid of exposing abhorrent facts, and you just might get a sense of the pandemonium of sounds on “Architect of Disaster”, the latest recording by Colombia's cult thrash metal act. This time around we wanted to deliver as dynamic of a production as possible. There can be no doubt that we've achieved our target in Architect of Disaster. The album was recorded, and produced Jose Uribe our creative fifth man, again. The result is exactly what one would expect from ATHANATOR in terms of its energy and stylistic direction to be nominated as best hard rock album at end 2010 by Shock Magazine. Architect of Disaster brilliantly conveys the same intense energy that ATHANATOR is known for in their live stage shows during the following years.

In 2014 the band release “Antologia de la Muerte” a CD compilation with 15 classics tunes released previously in the early 90`s. The album comes to share 25 years in scene through a South American tour extended during 18 months. The album will be a desert for the forthcoming album to be out late in 2015.


Thoughts on the Battlefield

Written By: Jaime Ocampo

No way anyone survive

Everything is dead

My unit are dead

What I have in my veins?

What is the smog?

in this battlefield?

I was separated

Left aside to die!!…

- Chorus -

Memories flow in my mind

Death is all around me… but I'm alive

Thoughts on the battlefield

We had orders to liberate

A captured soldier

I'm the only one

Who can bring him back

It's all up to me…

There's just no way

We can abandon

one of our own.

- Chorus -

Memories flow in my mind

Death is all around me… but I'm alive

Thoughts on the battlefield

Thousands of dead…

I hear them screaming…

I could hear in my mind….

I'm fighting with the enemy

The perfect enemy

The perfect killer

Memories Flow in my mind

Death is all around me… but I'm alive

Thoughts on the battlefield

Scarred for Life

Written By: Jaime Ocampo & Athanator

Do you want to…
..To see my blood?
I’ll be glad to…
…to show you my wounds
look the horror
Scars that never will heal
I see mirrors
Torturing my eyes

Don’t cry to the dying sun
the stars don't bleed your fears
your scars will never heal
they sift through the land of tears

Now you know how
to look back at yourself
and make me suffer
as if I was blind
I’m in weakness
Because I can’t hide
deep scars
difficult to erase

Don’t cry to the dying sun
the stars don't bleed your fears
your scars will never heal
they sift through the land of tears

In this dark nightmare
In the end I will fall
to be soulless
and bleed into your void
to fight to die
or living always in pain
to heal your guilty
or to be scarred for life

Architect of Disaster

Written By: Eder Zapata & Athanator

This is not good at all
Things are out of hand
Something must be done
Our doom was sealed
God shall grind our bones
Beneath his heel
God is claiming the Earth
The end is near

Architect of disaster
Ashes to ashes
Architect of disaster
Dust to dust
Architect of disaster
We must die

Architect of disaster
Master of light
Architect of disaster
Creator of live
Architect of disaster
We must die

But it could have been much worse
Where will this all end?
God countered the threat
Of violence with force
Unnecessary force
Our merciless God
Is just a cold-blooded fraud!
Where will this all end?

We are unable to achieve
The lost peace in the earth
This is why we die
Poor little world

But we don’t have much choice
Got to save ourselves
No sense in leave
Our lives to death

Method to the Madness

Written By: Enrique Ramirez & Athanator

You will be blamed for the Death of thousands
Sounds like a million thunderstorms
You are in the league of a sadist killer
Peace is not possible in your world.

Method to the Madness

Why are you doing this?
You don´t even care about our people
you don´t care about our country´s fate
What you care about is making suffer.

Method to the Madness

I hear screaming thousands dead
I could hear them in my mind
I hear them claming for revence
I would wnjoy killing you.

The Army of Death

Written By: Jaime Ocampo

The Army of Death moves your anger
Soldiers in front line plant hate between souls,
Distance gives false hope of safety
But from the dark a messenger scream

The Army of Death
Is ready to fight
The Journey must commence
Look for the sights
The Army of Death
Keepers of the Flame
They will lead you to the war.

Closing in from all sides of war,
Moving faster than the sound of bullets
Time echoes with news of destruction.
History comes back upon itself.

Waves of an army march in unison,
Power and glory are battle cries.
Time it´s too short to be prepared,
Feel it´s embrace once before death.


Albums released by Indie Labels:

  1. Raise the Death - Album(LIXO Sonido & Discos,2000) Re-issued Nov. 2010
  2. Raise The Slaugther- A Tribute to Slayer (Sin Piedad Records, 2002)
  3. Earth of Blood - Album (LIXO Sonido & Discos, 2004)
  4. The Perfect Enemy - Album - (LIXO Sonido & Discos,2006).
  5. Architect of Disaster - CD + DVD(LIXO Sonido & Discos, Nov. 2009).
  6. Savior of God - MP3 recorded live without net (LIXO Sonido & Discos - October 2010)
  7. Antologia de la Muerte - CD-(Ultrametal Productions- June 2014)

Set List

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