Erik Athavale's arresting tone can stop you in your tracks. His voice is compared to Adame Levine, Darryl Hall and Mick Hucknall, and his songs forge an immediate, personal connection with the listener. His music is firmly rooted in soul, with jazz, funk and pop sensibilities.


Winnipeg, Canada is never mentioned as a hotbed of soul music. So it stands to reason that vocalist and songwriter Erik Athavale – who performs simply under his family name (pronounced "Ah-Tuv-Lay") – brings a unique spin to the R&B genre.

Athavale’s debut album Devoted teases multiple genres – with electro funk, rock and jazz sensibilities – while staying firmly rooted in soul. For the recording sessions, Athavale enlisted some of the strongest players in Winnipeg, a scene renowned for its musicianship. As a result, Devoted has a live, off-the-floor foundation, resulting in an unselfconscious groove that rides nicely in the pocket behind his distinctive vocals.

Athavale’s arresting tone, clear and controlled, can stop you in your tracks. You think you’ve heard it before – Adam Levine, Daryl Hall, Mick Hucknall, classic – but then you’ve never heard it like this. He owns it. His art is his voice. The songs connect. The lyrics are personal. They humanize the singer and forge a relationship with the listener. No word is wasted. Athavale’s style can be playful, pensive,funky and charming, but above all, it doesn’t follow a template. It’s timeless, and anything but disposable.

Two tracks from the album, “Bounce” and “The Night We Met”, enjoy wide rotation on contemporary radio in Winnipeg. Athavale is also currently working on a video treatment for “Bounce” – a tune about falling down and getting back up again – for release in early 2009.

With multiple performances logged in Winnipeg, the national release of Devoted has Athavale looking beyond his hometown borders. The past year's schedule included a performance at the New Music West Festival in Vancouver, and the singer looks to become a fixture on the Canadian jazz festival circuit in the near future.

Athavale’s Devoted is distributed across Canada by
EMI Music Canada/ Maximum Music Group.


2007 OCTOBER- Devoted (LP)- first single, "The Night We Met" will be released to Winnipeg/ Western Canada radio in August 2007.

2006- athavale (EP)- includes "Bounce", on air at COOL FM, Cafe 100.7 and charted on UMFM 101.5 Winner of Project Cool 2006.

2004- quess presents: reSOULutions (EP)- includes "Maroon", on air at COOL FM

Set List

First set: 100% original compositions.

Second Set: combination of 50% original compositions; 50% 80s-90s soul music