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"Just a Bunch of Handsome Guys"

Article by Brian Campbell

From what I've heard, our fair Queen city houses a lot of good rock bands. Well, I would like to take this opportunity to introduce you to Athera, one of the best bands I have heard. Granted, I’m not quite sure what their name means (maybe I should ask?), their music is definitely good.

There is really a multitude of ways you should be currently enjoying this band. First off, any band whose Top Friends on MySpace consists of members of the television show Family Matters, Mike Tyson and David Hasselhoff, has to have a great sense of humor. Another reason to like this band is the fact that they make good rock music.

I would not classify their music as emo or indie, just rock will do. Athera has a good sense of how rock should be played; a little of the heavier, catchier side (never mind the emo reference) like vintage Fall Out Boy, Take This To Your Grave era. The band employs driving guitars amid relentless drumming and quality vocals. The transitions and bridges they use work really well, coming in and out of choruses. Unlike the majority of rock bands in today’s music world, Athera has solid rock hooks, and seems to work on the four songs they have posted on their MySpace currently.

Slingshots and Arrows is one of those songs that I’m talking about; one that works particularly because Athera has all the right tools. Aptly (and hilariously) titled tracks Alfred Hitchcock Presents and Patrick Duffy are two other good solid rock songs as well. In my mind, I see Causeway as their standout track, because of the heavy dose of guitars and really dominant drumming. It is also the duel vocal aesthetic that sells me here, and it also does more for me in terms of selling the band as a whole. Through four songs, I see depth and a lot of quality looking upside to Athera’s talent and music.

Athera is a good time, fun rock band. They also make really good rock music you will enjoy, I promise. -

"Review of show with Wes Borland's new band Black Light Burns"

By Brian Campbell

Athera ( was next to take the stage and they didn't disappoint. It was my first time seeing these guys, and after taking in their set, it surely won't be my last. Their onstage antics made you feel comfortable (or grossly uncomfortable, either way), and they really reminded me of a Bowling for Soup or Bloodhound Gang onstage. They were all over the place, and were clearly into every song they played. It's nice to see a band with that much energy appreciating the opportunity to play. Vocalist Ryan Skerrett was very commanding with the microphone in his hand and he could play to the crowd as good as anyone I've seen recently. They blasted through a set of smart, energetic power-pop punk, including personal favorites, Slingshots and Arrows and Causeway. -

"Athera - High Energy Rock Straight From Buffalo"

"While their music values quality musicianship and commitment to their sound...Athera is not a band that forgets music is supposed to be fun." - Sandusky Register


Athera (2007) - Recorded and Engineered by Matt Stelmach at Underworld Studios; Produced by Matt Stelmach and Athera; Mastered by Alan Douches of West West Side Music

3 Song Demo (2006) - Recorded and Engineered by Matt Stelmach at Underworld Studios; Produced by Matt Stelmach and Athera



Blending aspects of hard rock and progressive music, Buffalo-based quintet Athera has a lot in common with the origin of its name. In the 15th century BC, the island of Thera was devastated by one of the most powerful volcanic eruptions in history. Although its massive destruction contributed to the end of the Minoan Civilization, its wake brought about the rise of the Mycenaean Civilization - one of the most celebrated periods in history.

Faced with the task of starting anew after the dissolutions of two separate musical projects, the five members of Athera came together for one simple objective: to spread their music to as many people as possible. The band is comprised of individuals who will stop at nothing to have their music heard, and it is only a matter of time when the music scene will feel the reverberations of this rising young act. With its exuberant live shows and energetic songs, the band has shown that it can persevere through anything in attaining its goal. In the ashes of destruction, Athera has proven that it can rise again and still have its presence felt in this ever-changing musical landscape.

Athera has shared the stage with several international touring acts including: Skindred, Trust Company, Life of Agony, The Burden Brothers (featuring Vaden Todd Lewis of the Toadies), Badfish, Project 86, Inhale Exhale, Chasing Victory, Sullivan, Horse the Band, Black Light Burns (featuring Wes Borland, former Limp Bizkit guitarist) and Julien-K (former members of Orgy).

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