Buffalo, NY Hard Rock band in the vein of Funeral For A Friend and Coheed and Cambria.


Blending aspects of hard rock and progressive music, Buffalo-based quintet Athera has a lot in common with the origin of its name. In the 15th century BC, the island of Thera was devastated by one of the most powerful volcanic eruptions in history. Although its massive destruction contributed to the end of the Minoan Civilization, its wake brought about the rise of the Mycenaean Civilization - one of the most celebrated periods in history.

Faced with the task of starting anew after the dissolutions of two separate musical projects, the five members of Athera came together for one simple objective: to spread their music to as many people as possible. The band is comprised of individuals who will stop at nothing to have their music heard, and it is only a matter of time when the music scene will feel the reverberations of this rising young act. With its exuberant live shows and energetic songs, the band has shown that it can persevere through anything in attaining its goal. In the ashes of destruction, Athera has proven that it can rise again and still have its presence felt in this ever-changing musical landscape.

Athera has shared the stage with several international touring acts including: Skindred, Trust Company, Life of Agony, The Burden Brothers (featuring Vaden Todd Lewis of the Toadies), Badfish, Project 86, Inhale Exhale, Chasing Victory, Sullivan, Horse the Band, Black Light Burns (featuring Wes Borland, former Limp Bizkit guitarist) and Julien-K (former members of Orgy).

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Alfred Hitchcock Presents

Written By: Athera

Verse 1:
His grave misfortune fills the room
Flies deep into your soul’s delight
Diminishing the mantel’s light
But your enjoyment will come down
So far tonight
Two, Three, Four

You’ve been mistaken
You’re all alone here
And he’s not afraid
He won’t give in

Verse 2:
Now it’s his chance to get you back
And turn you inside out for them
‘Cause one small glimpse is all they need
And what he knows may bring you down
So far tonight
Two, Three, Four

Chorus (2x)

Only you know what he
Has seen with his eyes
Don’t tell me that you
Mean well I will laugh
At the fact you thought you led him through, it’s quite hysterical
Can’t believe you’d actually waste your time, it’s quite unbelievable
Now the time has come where he clears things and shows you who you truly are
Just accept the news, leave him alone and watch as they’re laughing at you
They’re laughing at you

You’ve tried so hard to bleed him out
But in the end you’ve fallen down
So far tonight
Two, Three, Four

Chorus (2x)

Slingshots And Arrows

Written By: Athera

Verse 1:
Condescending and misleading
Caught up inside of you and your deceit
Got a feeling that you’ll need me
Just wait until some time has passed again
Does it feel right, not quite like me
I’ve burned into your soul
And no one will compare to me at all

And I won’t leave your jaded mind
‘Cause you’re defenseless from yourself
Come on let’s face it, you have lost in everyway
I’m better off here now without you anyway
So go on, and forget me

Verse 2:
Are you breathing, you’re conceding
Real soon I’ll hear your voice scream my name
And that feeling that you’re needing
Can never be replaced
But I’m not going back to you again


You’ve turned me out from here
No, you won’t feel the same
Facing all of your doubts, all alone
Yes, you have bottomed out
And your song still sings the same
And you’ll be right there waiting
While I am moving on my way
No, this won’t feel the same
And you’ll be right there pacing
In contemplation of your ways
No, this won’t feel the same

I’ve psychoanalyzed your head, but cannot quite discover
The reasons for the way you are, I guess I’ll never find out


Patrick Duffy

Written By: Athera

Verse 1:
Hold my breath until the sun comes up
When you’ll walk away
Close my eyes and tell me I’m the one
I guess you’ve found your way tonight
And though you’ve walked away
You know I’m the one for you
And I know that you have failed in leaving me in your wake

Wide eyes left me believing myself
And blind faith left me deceiving myself

Verse 2:
Time has told everything I knew
Yet it’s far too late to turn back
I saved the day for you
When it mattered at the time
Oh look he’s made for you
Why don’t I send him down your way
And now it’s blasphemy
And it’s turned into a joke
And I hope that you will still keep seeing me in your head


Don’t give me one more chance
I’ve given up my stance, and…



Athera (2007) - Recorded and Engineered by Matt Stelmach at Underworld Studios; Produced by Matt Stelmach and Athera; Mastered by Alan Douches of West West Side Music

3 Song Demo (2006) - Recorded and Engineered by Matt Stelmach at Underworld Studios; Produced by Matt Stelmach and Athera

Set List

30-35 Minute Set of original music. Songs include:

Gray Matter
Alfred Hitchcock Presents
Dumont to Kotalik Volume I
Patrick Duffy
Patented Position
Slingshots & Arrows