A Thin Line

A Thin Line

 Irvine, California, USA

Beautiful piano composition with powerful male vocals delivers the definition of being "Between Love and Hate".


The music and lyrics from "Between Love and Hate," were composed by R. Alan Llenado, the keyboardist/vocalist of all the tracks on the EP. The music represents true events and the deepness and sincerity of each lyric shines through in a way that touches all listeners. The genre of the music is truly indefinable. With influences such as Alan Silvestri, Evanescence, Matchbox 20 and BoyzIIMen the variety of music breaks the sound barriers previously upheld by Rock loyalists or R&B fanatics. With powerful, yet smooth vocal lines, unique rhythm changes and musicianship that will redefine the meaning of being "Between Love and Hate," A Thin Line’s new EP will “For Sure” deliver.


Won't Let You Go

Written By: R. Alan Llenado

Yeah, girl 24 hours a day

Verse 1:
Now I know you may not think I hear every word you say
or sometimes you don't feel like a priority
but I'm here to tell you that that's not the case
and I'll show you every day
I need you,
and I cannot go a day without you
everyday I think about you
breathe you,
every breath I take is of you
girl, I want you to know that I

I love you, baby, 24 hours a day
I love you, darlin', can't get enough of you
I love you, beau, give me a chance to show
I won't let you go

Verse 2:
Don't want you to leave me, girl
Oh girl, you've changed my world
and I don't want to see it
without you by my side
Oh please, take my hand
and please understand
I need you in my life


Your eyes, your feet,
your kisses so sweet,
your hair, your lips,
your damn near perfect hips
your smile, your face, you are so wild
and I can't see myself without you in my life
so don't you ever walk away,
don't you ever think I won't stay
'cause you are so perfect in my life

Chorus 3 x


Between Love and Hate - EP2009

Set List

You Know Me, What We Had, When You Were Young Cover (The Killers), Maybe, The Remedy (Jason Mraz), Someday, Walkin' On, For Sure about 40 minutes