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A Thorn For Every Heart


A spirited production of independence and self-belief.


*ATFEH has also created an acoustic set to adapt to college needs. In August they created a two week acoustic tour.

A Thorn for Every Heart (ATFEH) has set some high goals for themselves in 2008. July 1st, 2008 marks the release of "Pick Up The Pieces", the latest CD from these Chino Hills California natives. It's a spirited production of independence and self-belief. This latest collection of songs embrace numerous musical styles including radio alternative, pop, and straight up rock n' roll. It's also significant because it marks the first time since 2003 that the band is not on a major label.

After parting ways with Interscope Records at the beginning of the year, ATFEH looks to reconnect with their fans and change the standards for the music industry. It's a new beginning and it all starts now!

Full Tours with: Fall Out Boy, Jimmy Eat World, Taking Back Sunday, Matchbook Romance, Brand New, A Static Lullaby, Escape The Fate, The Early November, Thursday, The Used, Ivoryline and others.

Interviews with: AOL, Yahoo! Music, AbsolutePunk.net, Emotionalpunk.com, DJ Rossstar, and Alternative Press Magazine.
*Alternative Press Magazine in 2005 crowned ATFEH one of “100 Bands You Need To Know” in its annual cover special

Tours: Honda Civic Tour, Warped Tour, Purevolume Tour 2005, Hot Topic, SmartPunk, Take Action Tour 2007, and the Skate And Surf Festival.

College Shows:
Iowa State University
Indiana University of PA
University of California, Irvine
University of California, Santa Barbara
University of California, Riverside
University of California, Los Angeles
California State University, Los Angeles
University of Minnesota Duluth
Boise State University
Idaho State University
Penn State

*A cover of Oingo Boingo's "Dead Man's Party" on Punk Goes 80's
*A cover of "Jelly Belly" on The Killer In You – a *Smashing Pumpkins tribute album
*An acoustic version of their song "February" on Punk The Clock Volume 2

Radio airplay: KROQ (Los Angeles)
103.9 X (Inland Empire)
107.7 The End (Seattle)

*Extended Bio:
Ask any musician who’s poured his heart out to audiences that think they’ve heard it all before and they know it can be easier to move mountains than to convert the jaded. With their latest release, Pick Up The Pieces, that’s just the challenge Chino Hills, California, quintet A Thorn for Every Heart are willing to accept. Since their acclaimed first album, 2004’s Things Aren’t So Beautiful Now, to a spirited production of independence and self-belief with Pick Up The Pieces, it’s a challenge they’re fit to conquer.

Recorded and produced by their bass play Justin Powell, Pick Up The Pieces finds A Thorn For Every Heart (ATFEH) catapulting out of the post-hardcore underground scene that broke them into a current mix of rock. Though the band’s trademarks—the dueling guitars, the lush piano and violin flourishes, the pitch-perfect vocal melodies offset by occasional screams remain intact, they’ve been absorbed into a sound that’s infinitely richer and more complex than Beautiful Now displayed. You’ll hear chiming guitars and rolling drums on the title track, to the driving, retro-futuristic atmospheres, and a powerful sing-along chorus of “Light This Fire”. ATFEH has created a fluid, expansive set of songs that are engaging from the first note onward.

“We’re in a place with this record where we know exactly who we are,” says singer Kelvin Cruz, who co-founded ATFEH in 2003 and today rounds out the group with guitarist/singer Casey Hill, bassist Justin Powell, guitarist/singer Phil Nguyen, and drummer Matthew Thorsen. “We only were a band for three months when we recorded our debut EP [2003’s Silence Is Golden]. Then we did Beautiful, which was 10 songs, and got plays all over the Internet so fast. It’s good to be back to a sound that represents us.”

Things Aren’t So Beautiful Now released in October of 2004, shortly after ATFEH signed to Kickball/Interscope Records. Shawn Sullivan (Bleeding Through, Reel Big Fish)-produced Beautiful and put both band and label on the map in a big way. The album garnered universal acclaim among taste-making websites like AbsolutePunk.net, Emotionalpunk.com, and Alternative Press magazine. In 2005, Alternative Press magazine named ATFEH one of the “100 Bands You Need To Know” in its annual cover special. Factor in a tour regimen that included high-profile dates on the Warped Tour, the Skate and Surf Festival, as well as stints with Fall Out Boy, Taking Back Sunday, Jimmy Eat World (to name a few), and a first-ever headlining run in 2006.

Rich in songs that cover relationships that have come and gone, including parting ways from the label, Pick Up The Pieces finds ATFEH combining their road-hewn lyrical insight with music that literally sounds big enough to fill arenas. With plans to stay on the road indefinitely in support of their latest release, ATFEH looks forward to a fresh start. But as Nguyen


Part 2

Written By: A Thorn For Every Heart

Scene begins as a telephone rings. Chokes a gasp at the awful news brings. A phone call she's been avoiding. She knows
he's reached the end. Hooked up to the respirator. It breaths life into my callused lungs. My heart beats getting fainter.
I know my time has come.
It's getting colder been trying to show her that I'm not the one to be there beside her now I'm crossing over can no one
console her alone she'll remain with no way to end this pain.
Now I realize the things I have done to you why you gave your love with all your heart.
(All of the things that I wanted in this world) (What have I done to you) (Hands went way to fast) With all that a heart could
Intentions that you'll never know the reason why I have to lead astray I gave you a life time of pain and remorse (Mistakes
that were never yours) the wrong in my life can never be right. (It flashes before my eyes)
(All alone)
Bright light is calling me upward.
(A ghost for now)
I follow and leave you below
Now you're all alone.
And I leave you with nobody by your side.
Not to hurt you ever again
Never break your spirit for me.
Now I'm all alone.
Still cherish the things that you have given to me.
Bright light is calling me upward
I follow and leave you below


Silence is Golden EP
Things Aren't So Beautiful Now
It's Hard to Move You
Pick Up The Pieces

Set List

Set lists can be arranged: 30 min., 45 min., 1 hr, 1 and 1/2 hour sets.