A Thousand Gods

A Thousand Gods


A Thousand Gods is a Philadelphia based original, melodic alternative hard rock band. ATG consists of experienced musicians with a goal of creating an intense, sonic vibe through strong songwriting and an electric live performance.


A Thousand Gods are heavily influenced by Godsmack, Tool, Creed, The Cult & Black Sabbath. Strong songwriting is a mark of ATG. Songs that sound strong live, songs that sound just as strong on the radio. Playing live is what ATG is all about. Giving the paying public a show that will be remembered in the morning is the goal of A Thousand Gods.


A Thousand Gods will be releasing their debut album in September 2009 through Blastzone Entertainment. Their single "Through the Vein" is already getting airplay through select CBS stations. A video for this song can be found at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QAp2yc2dkAI

Set List

ATG is an original hard rock band. Their set list runs between 45 minutes and an hour and consists of their own songs.