A Thousand Shields

A Thousand Shields

 Pilot Mountain, North Carolina, USA

A Thousand Shields is a Progressive Rock/Metal, Band with (original) music and lyrics. We have something you've never heard before, but have to listen to again and again... We're known for captivating, easy to listen to, and dynamic shows.


We are a group of talented musicians who write and produce our own music. Our creativity is a blend of progressive metal and rock blending into the the progressive and rock music scene.
Two friends, an uncle and two-brothers originally began to jam (while with other bands) in 2006. We immediately found our tastes and goals to be similar... With some adjustments, we began studio work and public performances (together) in the spring of 2007, as A Thousand Shields. Individually, we have been performing for over (11) years in other bands or groups.
Feeling led to expand and add keyboards, another friend (Chris) was added in 2008. Our original bass player, Kory, (one of the brothers) was instrumental in producing early songs, but Kory's interests would not allow him the time the band required... Darren was sent (as a gift) to fill the gap and build upon our strengths... We have a bond in our love for music, drive for creative excellence, and our creative abilities. We have been given the gift of music and creativity that we will not waste.
We are inspired by a wide-range of artists... Many of our inspirations include such diverse tastes such as Neal Morse, Alterbridge, As I Lay Dying, August Burns Red, Dream Theatre, Porcupine Tree, Three, Symphony-X, Circus Maximus, Vanden Plas, Andy McKee, Clapton, Hendrix, Steve Vai, Jordan Rudess, Journey, Victor Wooten, Stu Hamm, Billy Cobham, Avalon, Barlow Girl, BB King, Alterbridge, and a HOST of others. Our diversity in music taste combined with our creativity is entertaining; and evident in our compilations.

Some of our releases were featured on WBFJ radio, and we did a live acoustic set on Crossroads Radio; http://www.crossroadradio.com.

We usually do a couple of live performances each month, and spend (as a band) about (20) hours each week practicing and writing together. Individually, each of us can spend (4 to 6) hours on individual practice, and in disciplined practice...


Heavenly Infection

Written By: Baker/Belton/Cox/Maines

It took a while to conceive, to permeate, to believe.
I’ve thought through things, set in stone my plans.
Only to have them slip through these hands.
I used to think that everything revolved around my selfish dreams.
But one by one, they’ve crumbled down. This solitary truth I’ve found.
Finding the end of me…beginning of You.
Finding the end of me…beginning of You.
Finding the end of me…beginning of You.
Squint. Blinding white light. Seeing with more than just sight.
Commencement of a startling self-revelation.
Tired of straddling fences, all the while; stagnation has taken its toll.
The status quo does not suffice. Half-heartedness must go.
Changed perspectives, this renewed mind.
Oh, won’t you amputate all absence of Your divine?
We burn all our bridges, severe the ties that bind us to
incomplete, mere existence when there’s so much more to be
in You. There is more we’re subject to. We hear your call and answer You.
Take up this cross and follow.
Away from the static of unfelt words, the heartless white noise.
We’ll drown it out with hymns of
self-sacrifice, birthing new life, crawling infants, taking steps with
fixation on the One we aim to please. Spread this passion like disease.
Forever seething the heavenly infection.
Finding the end of me…beginning of You.


Our first (joint) CD with (8) original songs is now complete. "The Gateway" is a crisp, refreshing look into our lives. These powerful songs are to- the-point, yet straight from the heart. We reach out to a wide range of fans with our unique sound, progressive metal beat and creative lyrics of real life. You will want to listen to our music time and again... This CD is currently available, self-published. We also tried an acoustic radio broadcast, have done several benefits, and have hit the streets.
We have created (19) new songs together in the last year, with more coming... Since the completion of The Gateway, we have not rested... We have been working on a new album, "Portrait", (in mixing) that will be released soon. Cuts and samples are available. Our tracks are streaming...

Set List

Our typical set includes (4 to 9) songs of our new and original music. Many of our songs are (6 to 10) minutes in length. We will feature those most-requested songs from our MYSPACE page or choice songs from our current CD offerings. Requests (our music only, please) from the venue may also be honored.