Meaningful, passionate, and intimate, the music of athousandvineyards combine elements of their varied musical influences Jazz, World, Pop, Rock, Country, and Singer-songwriter, to create an acoustical canvas on which they attempt to tell the world's greatest love story- "God so loved the world."


athousandvineyards is the name given to the performing Artists who are associated with onevineproductions' Seasons Project. The Seasons Project is a collection of over two hundred worship songs written by Kenneth Teal during a three month period early 2003. Unlike songs he had written in times past, something about these songs would not let Teal keep them to himself. After sharing the first songs with Melody Powell she became insistent that the songs be recorded and shared with a larger audience. So Teal began searching for Artists to assist him in recording the songs of the Seasons Project. At that time he also started investing in the equipment he would need to start his own recording studio. (onevinestudio) and record label (onevineproductions) so that creative freedom and control did not have to be sacrificed to a restrictive timeline or an aloof and indifferent recording atmosphere. He didn't have to look far to find the Artists. And in finding them, Teal found a mutual respect, a shared vision, and an unquenchable passion not for music, but for Worship. Having come together to capture the first of four season-titled albums (aseasonofsorrow), Karen Lucas, Melody Powell, Jonathan Thompson, and Jack Smith became the first Artists recording at Teal’s onevinestudio and the first Artists to perform under the onevineproductions’ creation athousandvineyards. The music of aseasonofsorrow is not veiled in mystery or shy in the expression of its intent- it is Worship, straightforwardly and undeniably intended and meant to bring glory and honor to Jesus and Him alone. Aptly described by friend Don Lourcey, aseasonofsorrow is an album filled with "love songs to Jesus."



Written By: Kenneth Jerome Teal Jr.

verse i
I am blessed beyond measure,
loved beyond my worth
desired beyond my wanting
I am beloved.

I am my Beloved's, and my Beloved is mine
of countless vineyards I've kept before
none tis sweeter than Thine

verse ii
Lovely, Lovely One
Wonderfully Sweet
Lily of the valley
Jesus, My God, My King

What to You compares, nothing compares

Many Waters

Written By: Kenneth Jerome Teal Jr.

Many waters cannot quench your love.
Oceans cannot overwhelm it.
The waves may try, but they will never find
a way to drown Your love for me, Your love for me.
Mountains may move, but I will not tremble.
Tears may come, but they'll never break me down.
The grounds may move, but they will not shake
Your love for me, Your love for me

And I, I want You to know that I'm thankful,
I want You to know that I'm grateful
for all Your love has done for me, done for me.
And I, I just want to scream "I love You" 3x
forever and always, “I’ll love You”
come whatever may, come whatever might
many waters let them rise

come whatever may come whatever might

Where Can I Go

Written By: Kenneth Jerome Teal Jr.

verse i
If I take the wings of morning, fly to the edge of the earth,
if I make my bed in the depths even there You will be.
If I climb to the heavens, pray the mountains fall,
if I cover myself in darkness even there You are.

Where can I go that you are not there
Where can I flee that you will not be
My heart you have held its secrets are known
Where can I go

verse ii
You have knit me in darkness fashioned me in Your Light
You hid me in Your secret place there I was Your delight
You have made me a wonder, a marvel to behold
You have breathed Your breath in me bound me to Your soul


Many Waters, Sweet Mercy, and A Thousandvineyards, can all be heard on

Set List

Depending on setting, athousandvineyards performs worship sets that incoporate both worship music that is familiar to its audience with music that is orignal. Able to perform with just acoustic guitars in a small room, or able to plug in for a larger audience, athousandvineyards regardless of setting comes to share in and be apart of Worship.