A Thousand Voices

A Thousand Voices


A new form of Rock that sounds like no others on the market. All original songs focusing on non-repetitive lyrics, sound structure and dynamic composition.


Since its establishment in the fall of 2002, A THOUSAND VOICES has been singularly focused on erasing the barrier between audience and performer. They believe in creating music that does not alienate the listener. A THOUSAND VOICES creates music that fulfills its artistic responsibility without sacrificing pop sensibilities. The words are worth listening to, rather than being an afterthought to fill space.
A truly original act, this group is non-repetitive in nature with music to fit nearly all tastes. Whether you are seeking a soft ballad, a gritty hard rock tune or a dynamic rhythm you will find it with A Thousand Voices.
Influences range from off beat alternative pop, hard metal rock, classic rock, folk and Asian pop. These unique styles add flare to every song. If you are tired of the same sound or just want to experience something new give this act a listen.


Hired Gun

Written By: Paul James

On your knees again
Cleanin' up the crime scene
Before the stain sets in
Before you have to start confessin' to yourself

On your guard again
Crumplin' up the bed sheets
You risk a little grin
Before your conscience comes and beats it from your face
From your pretty face

Forget that I was ever here
Forget that you were ever dear to me
Forget all that it is you fear to be
And blow a kiss goodbye to your hired gun

On your feet again
Waitin' on a phone call
From some trusted friend
Who will not let you suffer this all by your self
By your lonesome self


On your back again
Pullin' out the knife now
You watch the wound cave in
Oh, but you survive it somehow



Written By: Paul James


Don't mistake the momentary saturation of my heart
Though it's in agreement with your situation
The little fires in my eyes are soon to lose their spark
And I will not be traveling past that destination

The cool uneasiness with which we approach each other
Is soon to turn to comfort and a calmer state
Then the thought that cannot stray from you will give way to another
And the tremors I experience when I'm with you will cease to radiate

Chorus 1:
If I could feel the prey more than the hunt
I could believe in lies
But I've never seen
What this game can mean
I really only love the butterflies

I can see from my reflection in your saturated eyes
That you've put too much into this situation
I'm sorry if you're wounded, Baby, but I'm sure you realize
I was never under any obligation
Please, believe me when I tell you I was never out to place
Another notch upon the framework of my bed
Pleasures of the heart create a more demanding kind of chase
Than the simplicity of finding someone to fulfill desires of the head

(Chorus 1)


Chorus 2:
Because I love the path more than the destinationI can't believe my eyes
And I see no callTo risk it all
I really only love the butterflies


Written By: Paul James


Build a cozy shack underneath an old oak tree
Camouflage the whole damned thing with poison ivy
Baby, I sure hope that you enjoy your stay
But Fate is gonna find you anyway

Find yourself an island from which the waves do not return
Bring along some canned goods and a little kindling to burn
Get lost until you can't recall
The year, the month, the week, or the day
And Fate is gonna find you anyway

She's relentless, unforgiving, determined, and irresistible
You'll never sense Her subtle push
You never will escape Her pull
There's nothing that She doesn't taste
Or touch or smell or hear or see, yeah
And when you least expect it
That's when She'll make you fall in love with me...

Climb a snowcapped mountain where the Winter never ends
Leave no forwarding address, do not notify your friends
The holy man you find up top will only have one thing to say,
"Fate is gonna find you anyway!"



Their first CD was released as a self produced demo. Interest in the local market has created unexpected sales of more than 260 units. They are now being sold in 2 local music stores and being played in 3 local businesses' jukeboxes. Regional radio play on the college market is pending.

Set List

A Thousand Voices has more than 30 original songs in their catalog. The typical club show is 3 45-minutes sets. They are open to requests for covers by the venue or the audience.
Some Originals:
After You, Be Prepared, Bright Star, Bump In The Road, Buried, Butterflies, Cannot Compare, Closer, Dark Love, Didja Hafta?
Fate, Ginger, Guard At The Gate, A World That's Moved On, Hired Gun, No Love, Rather Fascinating Ant, Repossession Day
Shadow Boxing, St. Peters’ Gate, Territorial Disputes
The Dust That Gathers, The Gap, The Other Guy, You Will Regret It, What Cloud Did You Fall From?, Where The White Lines Meet, Why Does She Stay?