A Time To Forget

A Time To Forget

 La Botte, Latium, ITA

Hello , we're ATTF , a metalcore band from Rome , Italy. We're searching for a good label to promote our work and for Promoters/Bands interessed in booking shows or tour in europe/usa. :D ATTF www.myspace.com/atimetoforget


The band's history began back in 2007, in the district Prenestino, located on the outskirts of Rome, Italy. Like a tornado in a clear sky the original and innovative ideas of training leave schemes of screamo now in the wake of decline, to absorb and rework influences ranging melodic hardcore to metalcore. In 2009, after two years of jam sessions, internal changes as an abandonment of three members of the band, and some live debut in the alternative scene of the Italian capital, the band entered the studio and record a disc of four pieces: " Sounds of Glory And Perdition "which sold exclusively on iTunes as a simple demo debut opens the doors to the five boys of the European public and the world. After the summer, early autumn 2009/2010 A Time To Forget finally have the opportunity to grow artistically, and started to compose new arrangements and melodies, playing with bands like Cancer Bats, Misery Signals, Your Demise and Blakfish out for the first time from capital even with the help of promoter brave and eager to bring the sound of the Capitoline training in other cities of Italy. With the begining of 2010 the band began seriously to complete the writing of the 5 pieces that make up the "Concept Of Illusion ',' s debut EP out in June 2010. With recording and mixing, edited by Marco Mantovani (Hopes Die Last) within a month is eagerly thoroughly refined the material, making the work more consistent and compelling. The band's sound evolves in the next three years, and now reaching a point of agreement among the five elements of training is as brutal and violent, mathematically precise, and with influences ranging hardcore / metalcore mosh traditional to contemporary .


Concept Of illusion

Written By: A Time To Forget

Wake up!
You’re sleeping on the floor but now it’s shaking
And I see your dreams quickly sink and drown
Hold on your hopes, hold on scattered on the depths.
consumed by the human’s desire
So watch me set this ship to the waves.
We’re losing everything
Hold on your hopes, hold on your hopes
We’re lying to the ground
I’m losing everything
So I tell you stay with me.

Clean your life
Learn to change your mind
We don’t wanna live, with this pain inside
We won’t be confined within their empty smiles
Watching the clouds bring light away from this place
We’re not just a sacrifice for the hungry eyes
So throw me to the wolves
I’ll not die.
We’re lying to the ground
I’m losing everything
So I tell you stay with me.
I’m coming home
Don’t leave my heart
Be my strength, be my way
Even now that your voice leaves my ears.


Concept Of Illusion (EP June 2010)

Portrait Of A Whisper (Single may 2009)

Sounds Of Glory And Perdition (EP march 2009)

Set List

-Concept Of Illusion
-Poker Face (Lady Gaga Cover)
-I Will Be There
-The Butterfly Effect Makes me Sick
-Miles Away From Home
-The Empty Space
-Portrait of a Whisper

(5 to 11 songs)

Medium set (30 / 40 Minutes)