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"Atlantic EP Review"

by Amy Berkhoudt
Arts Editor
Monday, November 24, 2008

I was not expecting this EP to be this good. And I'm not just saying that because Nathan Scharn is a surf buddy. The mix was what first caught me off-guard. I was expecting a garage-band-Macbook-rhythm-loop kind of sound. So, I know a starving student has either got loaded parents or serious recording studio hook-ups to get a sound this clear. In Atlantic's case, Joshua Toole -- guitarist, lead vocalist, and pianist -- it is a studio link. He graduated from Citrus College with a degree in recording technology. Alex Walker, the band's producer perfected their sound.

The band consists of Toole, PLNU junior Scharn on guitar and background vocals, and Chaffey College student Alex DeLaParra on bass. Scharn and Toole's parents were in a band in the '70s, so this could be destiny. Atlantic has got a straight pop-rock drive minus all of those shallow lyrics typical of young boy bands. Probably influenced by bands like U2, Coldplay and Switchfoot, Atlantic adopts the catchy melody lines and artistic use of crescendos: piano forte mezzo-piano double forte.

As a lyrics snob, I usually pick lines apart like an Asian with a pair of chopsticks. But check out this imagery:
"While I was watching something in the garden drew me to the window ledge,/a baby robin writhing on the pavement fallen from its mother's nest."
Symbolism, check. Poetry, check. Cadence, check. So far so good. Though not all of the songs are as lyrically driven, the EP as a whole is enjoyable. I mean, I'd probably pop it in my CD player on my next road trip up Highway 1 or use it as my alarm clock for those early morning classes.

I give the album 4 out of 5 stars. They've got room to grow, but I am impressed at how good they are already. Kudos Mr. Scharn and friends.

- The Point Weekly


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