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"Atlantic Connection 'Rocksteady'"

This is a transcript of a review of Westbay Recordings' third release, Atlantic Connection 'Rocksteady' in June 2007.

Everyone knows that generally if you're looking for soul, RnB or hip hop music, you go straight to the USA and if you want progressive electronic dance music, then it's Europe all the way. Based in LA our boy Atlantic Connection has thrown a spanner in the works with this joint which seems to effortlessly marry slick RnB vocals and his trademark orchestral atmospherics over a chunky rolling break. Making good use of Monica's vocals (as in Brandy & Monica we presume) lifted from a lil' joint called 'Everytime Tha Beat Drop' featuring A-Town players Dem Franchize Boyz, AC has turned out an arrangement that is surely destined to turn the moodiest screw face into a grin. Earlier this year the OWTL One To Watch fave explained the deep roots of soul that lies within US culture and how it's second nature for him, but it seems his cross country move from North Carolina to LA has impacted on his production a little more than he perhaps expected. So hot right now! - One Week To Live (UK)

"Atlantic Connection - Diggin In The Crates!"

This is a transcript of Atlantic Connection's 'Diggin In The Crates' article from January 2008's ATM Magzine.


1. PFM – One & Only – Good Looking Records

I decided to start with this, because it was the track that kicked it all off for me. It was the first time I’d ever heard seductive music, and I was completely hooked. I’m not sure if it’s the way that “You’re my one and only” vocal sits on top of those incredibly smooth and heavenly beats or how the bass punches during the first breakdown and indicates technology, but I was hooked.

2. Bob Marley – Trenchtown Rock

When I listen to music I have to see it as well, and musically, no one was ever better adept at creating visual music than Bob Marley. “One good ting about music, when it hits, you feel no pain.” This was just one of many Bob tracks which have inspired me through the years. Whether it be a personal battle or a social one, Bob’s music is always good to lead the way.

3. Kanye West – Touch The Sky

Something a bit newer, but none the less a modern classic. Produced by Just Blaze and sampling Curtis Mayfield, “Touch the Sky” for me, is about reaching those goals, and never stopping till your at the top. The whole tune is escorted with those huge horns and crashing breaks. Lupe makes his major debut on this track as well; a modern classic!

4. Madonna – Secret Garden

A rarer B side off the Erotica album, “Secret Garden” is just that, a secret escape on the album that utilizes classic breaks and lush samples with that “billion dollar voice” over the top. I listened to this a lot when I was on the islands off the coast of Belize.

5. Mazzy Star – Fade Into You

I first heard this when I was 15 and it still makes me feel the same way today. Melancholy in its purest form. Lullaby guitars echo in the distance, and soft poetic vocals roll it along with retro reverb. This track really captured the mid ‘90s grunge scene I think, definitely a track I still enjoy.

6. Notorious B.I.G. - Juicy

1994, Ready to Die. I was digging through the other day and ran across this video. It’s a story of success, straight street anthem, rising up from the darkness for better but never forgetting where you came from.
7. Talib Kweli ft. Kanye West & Roy Ayers – In the Mood / Hot Thing Video

In the mood is a classic piece of hip hop off Talib’s most recent album Eardrum. A throwback, “In the Mood” effortlessly captures the essence of hip hop and blends it with vibes of 70 years ago. The music video (Hot Thing/In the Mood) is like an HP Pavilion commercial but more creative.

8. 4 Hero – Les Fleur 9x9 (Marcus Intalex’s Remix)

This drum and bass track was HUGE! Released in 2002, this track got hammered on every dance floor for months. The drums in this are just massive, and it was one of the first records I heard with drums that punched that hard but were so clean at the same time. Coupled with that smooth vocal, that’s almost reminiscent of Bible school, makes for some good listening.

9. Justice – D.A.N.C.E

Kicking off the French revolution that has evolved into this massive movement commonly (un)known as electro/indie/dance punk /dancerock /disco revival / whatever, Justice’s “D.A.N.C.E” has just exploded into the mainstream and its now on every radio station around. The tune? Cheeky. Cheeky Cheeky. But it’s so catchy you don’t care its fun to dance too and that’s the point.

10. Janet Jackson ft. Q Tip – Got Till it’s Gone

Probably the sexiest song in history, Janet’s “Got till its Gone” produced by J Dilla, is a sensual piece of art that features samples from Joni Mitchell and a slick rap from Q Tip (Tribe). The whole track just has this blanket of softness to it, to where you could crank it but it will never hurt your ears. That’s good music.
- ATM Magazine (UK)


All tunes written & produced by N. Hayes
(unless marked w/ * )

WSTBY001 What'chuKnow / Leaving Home - Westbay Recordings*
WSTBY002 Can't Destroy Love / Plastic People - Westbay Recordings**
WSTBY003 Rocksteady / Burning Blue - Westbay Recordings***
WSTBY003 Grapevines / Can't Hide It - Westbay Recordings****
DIS021 Situations/Don't Love You - Dispatch Recordings
CRSE046 Brand New Colony/Last Thoughts - Creative Source Recordings
ADVR0?? Water / Remember Tulum - Advanced Recordings
CIADK002 Let it Burn feat. Mathematics / The Johnsons - CIA DK*****
SM001 Relapse / Alliance Amenz - Sonorous Recordings
SPEAR013 Reach Out / Peace of Mind - Spearhead Records
PM004 Smokey Blue / True Love - Prestige Records
Dimension X - Celcius Recordings
Promise - Fokuz Recordings
Republic / 2 Years & Back - Horizons Recordings

* vocals by MC Deviant
** vocals by Minds One, DJ Cuts by Noumenon

*** vocals by illy Emcee

**** "Grapevines" featuring Makoto / "Can't Hide It" featuring Redeyes
***** "Let it Burn" featuring Mathematics

All tunes written & produced by N. Hayes
(unless marked w/ * )

ADVR014 Basic Operations -Caulker Sunrise
ADVR014 Basic Operations -Erasoul
BLIND006 Basic Operations -Crazy Eighths
BLIND006 Basic Operations -Methods
CIA025 Basic Operations -Era Of Reason*
CIAVA002 Basic Operations -Erasoul
CRSE003CD Basic Operations -Movado
CRSE003LP Basic Operations -Colourstruck
CRSE003LP Basic Operations -Movado
CYMBLTD001R Contour -Moving Higher (Basic Operations Remix)
FILM016 Basic Operations -Garutina
FILM016 Basic Operations -Great Break Away
FIX006 Basic Operations -Deep Impact****
FIX006 Basic Operations -Erasoul
FREAK008 Basic Operations - White*
GLRPS010X Basic Operations -Erasoul
LQD011 Basic Operations -Bounced Out
LQD015 Basic Operations -Drifting On An Aspect
NEM003 Basic Operations -Fiction
NERVE017 Basic Operations & Chino - Bahia**
NERVE017 Basic Operations & Chino -Day After Tomorrow**
NU12028 Basic Operations -French Quarter
NU12028 Basic Operations -Soul Hold
OBSCENE012 Basic Operations -White (TetradinRemix)
PHUNK006 Basic Operations -4th Street Sound Click
PHUNK006 Basic Operations -Orange Crunch
PHUTURO017 Basic Operations -Mars vs Earth
PHUTURO017 Basic Operations -Quantum Leap
RHB004 Basic Operations -Science Of Things
RHB004 Basic Operations -Yucatan Coast
RR50 Basic Operations (featuring Wes Dixon) -Can't Take It***
RR52 Basic Operations -A Better Tomorrow
RR52 Basic Operations -Moonrise
RR56 Basic Operations -Today My Love
RR57 Basic Operations -Bring Love
RR57 Basic Operations -Sound Killah
RR65 Basic Operations -Back 2 Soul
RR65 Basic Operations -Southern Lights
RRLP05 Basic Operations - Havana*
SHOUT009 Basic Operations & Rohan -My Brother
TGN012 Basic Operations -Revolution
TGN012 Basic Operations -Vintage Elecktric
TOV61 Basic Operations - Genetics

All tunes written & produced by N. Hayes
(unless marked w/ * )

SOUVENIRS001 Basic Operations -Song****
SOUVENIRS001 Basic Operations -Soul Brother
SOUVENIRS002 Basic Operations -Got Your Dub
SOUVENIRS002 Basic Operations -Revolutions Dub
SOUVENIRS003 Basic Operations -Deep Impact
SOUVENIRS003 Basic Operations -Final Say
TGN012 Basic Operations -Revolution
TGN012 Basic Operations -Vintage Elecktric
TOV61 Basic Operations - Genetics

* additional engineering by K. Jekel
** written and produced by N. Hayes & Chino
HUMA8012-2 Kaos, Karl K & Jae Kennedy -Studio 54 (Basic Operations Remix)
*** written by N. Hayes & W. Dixon Engineered by K. Jekel
****written by N. Hayes & E. Knight



Over the years, Atlantic Connection aka Nathan Hayes has built foundations in music that few other producers can compete with. Beginning his professional production career in 2000 under the alias Basic Operations, Atlantic Connection's skillful production and unique approach to music landed him in the ranks of the Drum & Bass elite, becoming one of the highest selling artists in America.

Labels like Renegade, Liquid V, Creative Source, CIA, TOV, Tangent, Human Imprint and Freak all got in on the action, falling over themselves to grab a track from this rising talent. Basic Operations was no less than a global Drum & Bass phenomenon, but all good things must come to an end and after several years working as part of a duo, Nathan felt it was time to expand upon his solo sound under the name Atlantic Connection, a pseudonym which has gone on to be even more successful than his previous incarnation. With a completely new sound, vibe and energy, Atlantic Connection signed his first batch of fresh singles to Total Science's CIA Records, TC1's Dispatch and DJ Fabio's Creative Source. The reactions were stellar, and heavy radio and club support soon flooded in from all corners of the scene.

Never one to miss an opportunity, Atlantic Connection saw the hype and buzz around his new style building and, after several highly productive meetings with his management, decided it was time to launch Westbay Recordings, a label which is not only home to Atlantic Connection and his music, but the musical vision of his most talented peers. Massive amounts of press surrounded this decision and Nathan quickly found himself in the center of every message board forum, blog site and magazine, including XLR8, Knowledge, ATM, Rinse and Bassline.

In early 2007 Westbay made its debut release with Atlantic Connection's 'Whatchu Know' ft. MC Deviant, a superior blend of percussive hits and vocal swagger, alongside 'Leaving Home', a track which blended effortless class with deep emotion and reflected upon Nathan's move from North Carolina to his new resting place of Los Angeles. The response was nothing short of impressive, and Westbay Recordings immediately became a buy-on-site label for hordes of devoted fans. Following Westbay's first release Atlantic Connection followed up with a string of huge tracks including 'Can't Destroy Love', 'Rocksteady' and 'Grapevines' (ft. Makoto).

Not content to drop his own tracks on Westbay, Atlantic Connection has collaborated with a selection of the finest producers and vocalists including the aforementioned Deviant and Makoto, and Minds One, DJ Neumenon, Redeyes and Illy Emcee, and opened the floodgates to a barrage of talented artists to showcase a diverse range of musical talent. Westbay International is the new sister label which is devoted to promoting the very best productions from artists such as Beta 2, Zero Tolerance & Mentality, Spectrasoul, Random Movement, Big Bud and Concept & Shnek.

Still selectively recording for outside labels, Atlantic Connection has forthcoming material on Soul:R, Fokuz, Celsius and Prestige Recordings. His strategic and entrepreneurial approach have opened other doors for him including scoring for film and TV, production for companies like DC Shoes, Boost Mobile and Fuel and also Pop and Hip Hop production for a wealth of rising stars.

Nathan Hayes truly is an example of where hard work, perseverance and an understanding of music and people can get you. His sound is like no other, his approach a renaissance, and his music, inspiring.

Words by Jeryl Wilton for Nu Urban PR