Atlantice is a group that expands music boundaries implementing melody and dynamics. From heavy distortion to light acoustic; from driving percussion to a slow piano. Each song expresses a wide variety of feelings and emotions, successfully connecting an older and younger generation through music.


Being under the influence of indie, country, progressive, metal, rock, punk, electronic, metalcore, trance, Christian, bluegrass, and classical, Atlantice is everything but unidirectional. With having so many influential styles and genres, the outcome is unexpected. The only thing that is predictable with every song is melody, whether it be through piano, lead or acoustic guitar, or any other instrument. The harmonies are pleasing to all ears, whether it be an old or new generation. In addition, every song Atlantice has written is released in two versions; one consisting of a hard rock derivation, and the other having a lighthearted acoustic, piano, and violin texture. This widens the listeners' experience to each song pending the nature of people's changing emotions.

Atlantice is the joint effort of Joel Perino and Ben Hying, having met at the University of Wisconsin-Platteville in Platteville, WI in early 2012. The band has received nothing but positive feedback from their previous performances around the Midwest, and continue to seek and perform at any given time and place.


Atlantice's official demo, 'Demonstration or Demolition', will be released in early 2013.