Presque Isle, Maine, USA

A community of guys that travel playing music full-time doing 150 shows a year over the last 4 years all over North America from coast to coast.


Atlantic is a community of guys that travel full-time playing music, speaking, teaching seminars and investing in individuals wherever the road takes them.  Atlantic has been participating in over 150 events a year over the last 4 years spanning as far west as Oregon, south as Florida, east as Newfoundland,  and as North as Ontario as well as a 30 day tour in Guatemala. Atlantic's heart is to help the poor and marginalized in this world and to mobilize and encourage others to do the same. Recently Atlantic has started a Non-profit organization called "Atlantic Community" to assist in this. Follow Atlantic's endeavors, watch video's, listen to music and more at


Of Shadows and Scars (2011) - EP
Of Light and Life (2011) - EP
This Was Unexpected (2009) - LP
Our Expressions From Your Heart (2007) - LP

Set List

We play a variety of Songs and Set lengths depending on the venue. An average length would be about 70 minutes.