Dillon, Colorado, USA

Hard rock and soft acoustic, but all-round melodic.


From a small country town of Platteville, WI, we combine genres to reach out to a large demographic. Aside from certain instrumentals, each song they write has two versions; a hard rock version and an acoustic version. The hard rock is to attract a younger, more energetic audience, while the acoustic is for the relaxation of an more somber audience. The instrumentals that only offer one version are usually songs written for a specific genre, spanning to Celtic, heavy metal, 8-bit, trance, bluegrass, and many others.


Demonstration or Demolition - Dark (hard rock) and Light (acoustic) CDs

No Limits: All Genres Welcome - A continuous compilation of multiple genres

A Light in a Darkened World: Acoustic Tribute to Killswitch Engage 18 songs of the melodic metalcore band Killswitch Engage redone all acoustic.

Seasons - Four easy listening songs: Autumn Leaves, Winter Snowfall, Spring Rain, and Summer Sunset.

All songs are available to download for free at