Atlantic Lag

Atlantic Lag


Gritty, Chicago punk.


Atlantic Lag formed after each members other bands dissolved. We're loud, gritty Chicago punk and we're not shitty. People have told us that we sound like Jawbreaker, Queens of the Stone Age, and Face to Face on regular occasion. Wierd mix, but we are a wierd mix of people.


What Tarquinius Superbus spoke in his garden was understood by his son, but not by the messenger

Written By: Eric Anderson

My face is black and blue
from all the time I spend with you
On the river Nile
Trying to hide my crooked smile

all the time all the waste all in the name
of pride and shame

Raise the beam from off the ground
My heart pounding to the thundering sound
of resignation
Empty, infinite, and alone


We have 2 demos that we recorded that we're going to use to find an engineer that wants to work with us. We're going into the studio to record our first 8 or 9 song EP by the end of this year.

Set List

We usually play half hour sets. It seems to be a good set time. Could play 20-40 if necessary.We play 8-10 songs.

1. What Tarquinius said
2. The Sinking of...
3. Down in 12, Dead in 24
4. To my son, lost in the void
5. Mannaquin
6.Corsets and Clovers
7.Short Action Barbiturates
8.Double Negative
9.We'll See What the Weather's Like