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"Breathtaking: Atlantic/Pacific - Hamburg 2/7/09"

Google translated (rough) from German...

People, what was so beautiful. Atlantic / Pacific were once again in Europe and played their show on the rooftop of the evil and dangerous. So in an old bunker in the sky, with views over the city. Let's call it by name, the location deserves the title breathtaking ". The same must be said about the music of both indie heroes. John Herguth (known by House & Parish or The Love Scene) and Garrett Klahn (the voice of Solea and Texas Is The Reason) that is sound as A / P herzerweichend just how wonderful - what interested this evening, but only half of the visitors appeared.

Most of the 150 folks namely climbed the bunker to see the headliner - The Wipers - to. Some of them crowded around while the opening act, bouncing with relish, while looking dreamily into the sunset just behind the band and found favor. Many, however, cheerfully chattering going on it and left A / P is simply once its A / P. Incomprehensible. Perhaps they could have a known track times of the brand "to play chemist, as they have done on their last year's tour still abundant. Perhaps what is not (yet), more attention would have seen? We'll never know ... For on that evening was not yet released the debut album "Meet Your New Love" at the center, which was recorded with Ian Love from Rival Schools.

No longer in the band Sergie Loobkoff seems. Atlantic / Pacific are now a duo, but took Travis Guichard (Whirlpool, Meanseason, Outspoken) with them on their journey to her views on the bass and at times supporting the guitar. Herguth alternated for it and to the mini-keyboard and mimed the contaminated Klahn, but nice frontman. "We have not slept for 35 hours," he told us. And like he mentioned several times during the 35 minutes that it was the first show of the European tour and become the first gig with Travis, and they have not really rehearse could. Did not matter, it was nice anyway. The first episode involved the thoughtful title track, which bodes well as songs like "Picture Perfect" and "The Inquisition" on a beautiful plate. In between, take a look to the mixer ( "Yes, you still have time"), one of the city. Herguth wondered briefly what day would be just as, later he switched to the public. The mood was relaxed, great songs that the band did seem to have fun. What was expected to remain well to the unusual location, which incidentally, Garrett Klahn later in the descent towards the ground floor designated as a "fuckin 'great." He's right. -


EPs: Some Weary Valentine, Home::DIY Series - Autumn Edition Volume One



Atlantic/Pacific, a creation of Garrett Klahn and John Herguth is a free form, acoustic, electric, studio, and live experience. Conceived in the summer of 2008, the project started as an acoustic duo deep in the heart of Brooklyn. Its roots stretch back to the time when Klahn and Herguth were members of Texas is the Reason and the two agreed to someday do 'something'. With an impromptu rehearsal and a shared desire to get back on the road, the stage was set and the first tour booked.

Atlantic/Pacific embarked on their first tour in the winter of 2008.

Spring 2009 found them back in the US and with the help of Ian Love, a debut album was emerging. Atlantic/Pacific continues to shape their sound, at times borrowing from shoegaze of the 90s, then drifting in and out of folk landscapes of all decades.
For now, new shows are consistently being booked and recording is wrapping up. The debut full length release date has yet to be determined, but will hopefully be in the spring of 2010.