Porto, Porto, PRT

An authentic approach to portuguese music and to the crossing with its world music counterparts. Their line up includes voice, two classical guitars, acoustic bass, cello, accordion and, at times, other portuguese instruments, such as viola braguesa and adufe.


“A genuinely Portuguese song”

The history of Atlantihda is told by six musicians and one fado singer. Coming from different music genres, Atlantihda’s members have travelled through the Portuguese and international music world, absorbing several influences in order to find themselves involved in a project that would end up connecting traditional and rural folk music with Portugal’s urban popular music: Fado.

One easy way to do it was to reinvent tradition, collecting some singers and instruments from the Pop universe and attracting the Portuguese guitar in order to define it as “New Fado”. Instead, Atlantihda meet the cultural roots of people with history, while absorbing the most genuine things contained in the soul of this project. In Atlantihda one can also find the guitarra braguesa (a typical Portuguese guitar), the adufe (traditional square tambourine), forms, melodies and rhythms which all the group’s elements came to acquire on their journeys, but with a conscious attitude that it is possible to make popular music (written or not), using a modern language that is a part of the lives of contemporary musicians.

Above all, the band’s concept is based on Portuguese traditional music, where fado gains a certain curiosity and enters this "territory" in order to find itself and, possibly, to know another chapter of the history of its origins, thus creating “a genuinely Portuguese song”…


First CD released April 2011

Set List

Gisela João: Vocals
João Campos: Guitar
Miguel Teixeira: Guitar, Viola Braguesa, Adufes
José Flávio Martins: Bass, Adufes, Carron
Fátima Santos: Accordion
Melanie Paula: Cello
Frederico Pereira: Producer, Sound Engineer