London, England, GBR

The project of French producer singer/songwriter Sarah Hezen. Combining emotional & bassy electronic music influenced by TripHop, Dubstep & PostDubstep with orchestral instruments, it weaves a melancholic & epic atmosphere on which she tells dark fairytale like stories through fragile & eerie vocals


It's during a school trip to England, when I was 15 (9 years ago... damn....) that a friend made me listen to Muse on her discman. I listened to 'Unintended' for the first time almost without breathing. It was my first musical awe experience, the one that made me start teaching myself the guitar to accompany the dark stories I'd been singing accapella for a year. Soon after, I discovered Radiohead. Karma Police. In my face, again.

I would secretly write and sing songs in my bedroom, as quiet as possible, terribly scared by the idea that someone could hear me.
Came my uni years. I don't know how it happened, but on my 19th birthday day I was on stage, for the first time. I had never felt this before. And normally people don't give a damn about someone singing with a guitar in a pub. Well they did.

That's when I realized that it was where I was meant to be.

At 20 I discovered Triphop. Massive Attack, Tricky, Unkle, Archive... Then when I moved to London, 2 years ago, it was Four Tet, Venetian Snares, Burial. I would obsessively listen to them again and again, dissecting their sound, trying to figure out how the hell did they do it. I lost interest in my guitar, swapping it for a computer. I created ATLAS.

Songs for me became like living beings. It needed a heart - the beat, a backbone - the bass, and a voice - mine. It needed me to give birth to them, as much as my guts needed me to do it. Writing and making songs was, and still is, this crucifying and amazing process, without which I can't be happy. I have those made-up stories in my head, those dark tales where I intertwine my own fears, my awe, my catharsis, with elements of fairy tales, mythology, those violent childhood stories which had always fascinated me. It is a realm of contrasts, contradictions: a bassy and violent sound, electronic and cold, juxtaposed with the human melancholy of distant strings. An eerie and fragile voice, muttering words of madness, in the shape of a bed-time story. "Your time is nigh, soon you will find, another heart to crucify' (Lullaby)

I am a storyteller before anything else. On stage, my voice, my body, become the means of expression of those tales. I need to sing to express them, I need to dance, to look at you in the eyes and hope you'll see what I mean.

On stage I wear a costume, some make-up, I project some visuals which are another medium of expression of those songs. I am a different person, a character that doesn't really exist for anything else but to tell stories. Who would do it otherwise?

But I'm not doing it alone. Exclusively for the live performance, I am joined by Alex Klein, a classically-trained French double-bass player, as well Andrew Beaton, a British Producer, Composer and DJ. The three of us work together, to tell stories and reach people.


self-released Single
'Eat Me' (2012)

All those songs had/have regular Radio Air Play on Amazing Radio shows (Paul Lester, Mark Ryan's Amazing Beats, Beth Elfyn - featured as 'Artist of the Week' in January 2013, Dani Charlton, Mike Taylor, Charlie Ashcroft's Audition, Gary Crowley and Shell Zenner) as well on the main playlist since february 2013.

'5 to Midnight'

Set List

Eat Me, 5.15
Hunter, 6.00
Bramble, 5.00
Flowery Meadows, 4.50
Carrousel, 4.10
Lullaby, 6.37

as an example.... I can play between a 15min set to an hour set.