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Atlas Soul


What hits hardest about Atlas Soul’s sound is the natural funk of North African music and also Lotfi’s powerful vocals. There is great wisdom in a world-music outfit that embraces divergent genres. Banning Eyres.



ATLAS SOUL is a Boston based six-piece band performing original music, which celebrates Afro-Mediterranean cultures and urgently invites everyone to the dance floor.
This spring & summer Atlas Soul will be performing at national and international jazz festivals like the Houston International Festival, Houston TX, the Louisiana International Festival,Lafayette LA, the Montreal jazz festival, Montreal CA, the Musikfest, America’s music Festival, Bethlehem PA, the Kennedy Center, Washington DC etc….
The members are from different cultural backgrounds and countries: Morocco, Israel, France, Germany and the U.S.A., thus representing a positively genuine fusion of traditions and inspirations geared towards better understanding and world peace.
“What hits hardest about Atlas Soul’s sound is the natural funk of North African music and also Lotfi’s powerful vocals, which span fluid, passionate Gnawa melodies and husky Raï hooks. There is great wisdom in a world-music outfit that embraces divergent genres (but not so many that the sound loses its identity)”.
Banning Eyre

ATLAS SOUL sings in Arabic, Hebrew, French and English, making it not only a truly World Music band, but the only group of this kind currently residing in the United States of America. The lyrics speak of love, natural wonders, oppression, poverty, and of the melancholy of immigrants longing for their homelands.
ATLAS Soul’s music incorporates many styles: Moroccan Raï, Shaabi, West African Highlife, Afro-Beat, Socca, Reggae, Samba, Jazz, Funk and Rock which may seem ambitious but comes to the band very naturally.

In August 2001 Atlas Soul released their impressive debut album, Chamsa, which means, “high five". Chamsa get frequent airplay on WGBH (afropop worldwide), WERS (gyroscope), WFNX (jazz brunch).

Here is the lineup:
Lotfi Tiken: (from Morocco) Vocals, guitar, percussions and producer in his own right, watch for his self-released album, The Moroccan’ roll.
Brahim Fribgane: (from Morocco) Vocals, Oud, percussions. Brahim also plays and has recorded with legendary Gnawa musician Hassan Hakmoun,and Richard Horowitz, Medeski, Martin and Wood, Club d’Elf, Morphine, just to name a few.
Jacques Pardo: (from France and Israel) Vocals, sax, guitar/synth and founder/ producer.
Scott Palmer: ( from the U.S.A ) Bass. Scott played and recorded with DJ Logic. Scoot is also producing his own Hipop/Funk project: Hiptsofatso.
Boujema Razgui: (from Morocco) Vocals, Ne (Moroccan flute) violin, percussions. Boujema is a multi-instrumentalist; he is also playing with traditional Moroccan music ensembles in Montreal and Boston.
Andreas Brade: (from Germany) Drums. Andreas is a graduate from Berklee College of music. He performed and recorded with Kenyan artist Sali Oyugi, world music groups Wildest Dreams, Rumbafrica, Gifrantz and is the co-founder of the Boston Percussions Art Ensemble.

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Debut cd: Chamsa ( high five)
12 songs full lenght cd released in 8/2001.
We get airplay on :
WFNX Jazz Brunch, WERS Gyroscope, WGBH afropop worldwide.

Set List

Typically our sets are 60 to 90 minutes long. We play songs from our debut album: Chamsa, from the Listen Brother album and songs from our upcoming album: The Moroccan'roll.

Best Friends. ( Gnawa-rock )
YaWillie. ( Middle-Eastern-funk )
The Atlas Mountains ( Berber-upbeat )
Listen Brother ( North-African-pop )
For Fela ( Afro-beat )
Yanabina ( Gnawa-rock )
Mima ( Shaabi-pop )
Listen Brother ( rai-upbeat )
Casbah Dream ( Middle-eastern-funk )
Enough Spoiled ( Shaabi- pop )
Love Is Not Easy ( cha-cha-gnawa )
Dear Country ( North African – pop )