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"Today's Unsigned Artist Energy Seems Endless"

Contact: Taylor Everett For Immediate Release Phone#: 706-221-8926 September 9th, 2012 Email:

Today's Unsigned Artist Energy Seems Endless

September 7th, 2012- After months of preparing, Alabama resident & local unsigned artist " Atlas Sudo ", gets
ready to release his first collection of songs '' Finally " this month. Atlas newest song , " Where's The Party "
landed a spot on WWW.HUGOTHEBOSSPROMO.COM 2012 Fall edition of " It Is What It Is " Movement. " The
fact that this project is almost over can be overwelming " said Sudo, when interviewed earlier
today. On behalf of " Atlas Sudo " and his support team, the world is invited to listen & enjoy the
perspectives and or opionions of this undistracted artist. Taylor Everett known as " Atlas Sudo " is a 2004
graduate from Central High School in Phenix City Alabama, and a Navy veteran , after being discharged from
the US Navy in November of 2011. Labeled as a , " Freestyler " since middle school, Everett says he's happy
that before being medically discharged, he desided to persue one of his dreams of becoming, not only a
songwriter but a performing artist. " No matter if i sink or float, I'm glad I, through the strength of God of
course, had the fortitude to try and turn one of my biggest hobbies into a career " said Sudo. Like a lot of
other unsigned / underground artist, Sudo hopes to secure a desirable record and or publishing deal that will
afford him & his family a change in living. Atlas Sudo music will be available for streaming and downloading
from several different websites before the end of September, but no later than the end of October. Sudo has
recommended that anybody supporting him should simplify there online search by simply typing in there
search engine, "Atlas Sudo", and picking one or more of the results to follow. My more used sites are : , , ,, & By the end of this month, all sites are scheduled to be updated with the mix &
mastered versions of the EP. When asked , what is the message behind your music, Sudo said
," I hope my music encourages the listeners to reach for there success, their individual success". This project
means a lot to me, and even though it reflects what i was thinking about around that military to civilian time
frame , i feel like anybody listening will be able to relate to the the view points i expressed. My main focus
right now is "Geographic Success". What i mean by that is, my goal is to have this project not only have US
success but internation success as well. To make that goal a reality im prepared to do as much marketing &
promotions thats need, on top of doing things like song placement opportunities for : films , tv ,
commercials , fashion , stores & video games. Actually through the use of uh new placement site i joined not
to long ago, i got accepted for immediate airplay from ROK Out Radio: The Backbone of NEPA Music. Being
encouraged by this young artist determination & style, we here at @WorldOfSudo had to ask before finishing
our interview, is there anybody you want to give thanks to? O yea, first & formost God , then my wife for all
that she has done, Respect to Southern Empire at WEARESOUTHERNEMPIRE.COM, Scoop Midas 24kg & Brent
"Paper Guy" Malone. They showed me luv straight from jump street. Big thanks to Hugo from
HUGOTHEBOSSPROMO.COM for sending me good opportunites for different placements. S/O to all my fans &
supporters, please keep supporting & stay tuned for the different contest ill be hosting through twitter &
reverbnation. That wraps up it for us here at @WorldOfSudo , special thanks to our special guest , Atlas
Sudo. To get updates from Sudo & postings follow & @ATLASSUDO
For more information please email. Taylor Everett @
Or call 706-221-8926 - @WorldOfSudo


I plan to release my EP this September , Titled " Finally "





My name is Taylor Everett & i was born in West Point NY even though i was raised in the Phenix City, AL. My brother & myself started freestyling in grade school but when i was in the Navy i found myself making & recording songs. Before i got out the service i started forming the foundation for my EP. My plans are to release my EP this September since , WEARESOUTHERNEMPIRE.COM have already mixed & pre-mastered my music for market quality. I hope to have my music place with-in Film, Tv, Commercial, Video game, Fashion, & event projects needing good music. My press materials can explain more about myself. 2 all my fans & supporters , please dont try 2 listen to the music through reg. computer speakers or weak headsets. Good output speakers is the only way your going to truly, enjoy the experience.