At Last An Atlas

At Last An Atlas

 Dublin, Leinster, IRL

At Last An Atlas are band from Dublin, Ireland. There are two Members, Greg O'Brien and Frances Downey. Together they mix warm beats, synths, electronics, guitars and various instruments to create melodic upbeat pop songs.


“At Last An Atlas” is the music of Greg O'Brien. Greg was born and lives in Dublin. He uses organs, live electronics, samplers, nylon string guitar, vocals, noises and field recordings to create his warm, dreamy sounding pop songs.

“From Which We Were Raised” is an album which seamlessly mixes upbeat electronic pop songs and with a number of quieter moments, which contrast and compliment each other to build an album that sits perfectly as a whole. Mixed and mastered by Steve Fanagan the album is filled with melody both instrumentally and vocally. Lyrically the release covers a number of themes and sees Greg writing his finest songs to date. The album also features vocals from Frances Downey whose voice beautifully compliments Greg's on a number of songs.

“This is an inspired debut of open-hearted stories, fey angles and musical left-turns.”

4/5 – The Irish Times (The Ticket)

“A very sweet and well produced record… It’s reflective, self contained and works perfectly the way it is.”

4/5 – Hotpress

The new album comes at the end of what has been a busy first year for At Last An Atlas. Ships Leaving, a split record with songwriter Paul O’Reilly, was released in April 2009. Greg has played consistently for the past year and half playing with MGMT, SJ Esau (Anticon Records), Midori Hirano (Nobel), Adrian Crowley (Chemikal Underground), James Blackshaw, Valerie Frances and many more.

In October 2009, “At Last An Atlas” toured America, playing shows with many artists throughout California, Nevada, Utah, Idaho, Oregon and Washington state. This tour offered Greg invaluable experience and insight.



Ships Leaving (2009) - A split album with Paul O'Reilly.

"From Which We Were Raised" (2010).

Singles (Airplay)

- Eimear Hush
- Heaven Knows
- New Years Sky

RTE 2fm Live Session

1.New Years Sky
2.Fort Lewis
4.Take Me Home

Set List

1. Seperate Rooms
2. Fueds
3. In time
4. Eimear Hush
5. Passing Days
6. Take Me Home
7. New Years Sky
8. Heaven Knows

We usually play 7/8 songs and do a half an hour set but can do a longer set.