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At the Left Hand of God

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"Concert Review: At the Left Hand of God"

Local guitar-shredding heroes and experts of long haired mayhem, At The Left Hand Of God, struck their first chord on the inside stage right around 11:00 pm, and not a minute too soon. The back porch of The Riot Room was overly crowded due to the nice weather, and because the inside had become a self sustained sauna. Outside, the drinks were flowing freely, and the reggae band that was jamming had people dancing--if you want to call it that. It seemed for a moment as if no one outside would brave the horrors of the heat to watch what ATLHOG had to offer… but it was only a moment.

At The Left Hand Of God had filled the space up even before the end of the first song, and rightfully so. I guess it didn’t matter what genre of music people liked, the group had the audience mesmerized by their insane musicianship and energetic stage performance. Not only did all of the guitar work look extremely difficult, but it sounded melodic and thoughtful. By the time the band was playing their fifth song the only word I could muster into my extremely outdated voice cassette recorder was, “epic…”

While the trio of guitar-men banged their heads in unison and shredded their fret boards, the front man and the drummer were punishing the crowd with their talent. The front man switched from low guttural growls to high pitched screams seamlessly, all the while switching back and forth from the mic to the keyboards. The drummer nailed the double kick while keeping the beats mixed up with exciting fills. I heard one onlooker shout to her friend, “The drummer’s name is Scotty. He is amazing!”

The band finished up as strong as they had started, and left the crowd sweaty and exhausted. The Front man made sure everyone knew about their upcoming album, "The Apocalypse Tapestry" before exiting the stage. -


The Apocalypse Tapestry



At the Left Hand of God is an amalgam of several different prestigious Kansas City, Missouri & Kansas bands that formed in their wake to comprise a super group.

The music lends itself to anyone who loves epic, fast, technical, intelligent and highly emotionally charged metal.

The vocals range from searing highs and brutal lows (and everything in between) even occasionally stopping for something melodic.

The leads shred and wail while the chugga-chugga rhythm section massages your eardrums with a cheese grater.

Keyboards round out the sound and give things an epic flavor as At the Left Hand of God uses the sum of of its members and instruments to form a musical jackhammer that cannot be denied.