AtmAsfera is an uplifting and unique musical band which fascinates the hearts of thousands of people of all ages.

Their music is an amazing blend of world music and folk-rock - inspirations from their musical backgrounds and influences as well as their worldwide travels.


AtmAsfera is an extraordinary project of the Ukrainian music.

AtmAsfera sings in three languages: English, Ukrainian and Sanskrit (the oldest language on the planet) Their music and words embrace the hearts of all making them dance, smile and shed tears of joy.

AtmAsfera is always a fan favorite and long-awaited guest at many European festivals.

During the summer of 2003 the Yaremchuk twins met Andriy Shadiy. Although all were established musicians from the city of Lvov, fate brought them together in sunny Crimea where the trio jammed together for hours on the shores of the black sea. The three musicians returned to Lvov with a strong desire to continue playing together, named their band AtmAsfera and started looking for other musicians.
Over the next few years band members came and went, a bold decision to move to Kiev in 2005 led to the addition of two local musicians, bass guitarist Andriy Cherkasov and violinist Sasha Goncharuk. In 2007 percussionist Timur Gogitidze joined the band and recently guitarist Igor Sas was replaced by Misha Puziurin. Although Igor and Sasha are no longer active band members they still have a creative input into AtmAsfera’s music.

Their legendary live shows include the following:
Chervona Ruta - 2005, Music Island - 2006, Ethno Evolution - 2006, 2007, Woodstock- 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009 (Poland), The Global Battle of the Bands 2006, 2007 (Ukraine, Kiev), International final of the Global Battle of the Bands 2007 (UK, London), Other music- 2007 (Ukraine, Kiev), Mazepa Fest -2007 (Ukraine, Poltava), Ethno Cross - 2008 (Poland, Warsaw), Kraina Mriy - 2008 (Ukraine, Kiev), Trypilske Kolo - 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011 (Ukraine, Rgyschiv), Boykivska Varta - 2008 (Ukraine, Lvov region, Yavir), Etniczne inspiracje - 2009 (Poland, Warsaw), Latajacy Holender 2009 (Poland, Warsaw), Pustye Holmy - 2009 (Russia), Norwegian Grand Prix - 2009 (Norway), Molde-jazz - 2009, 2010 (Norway), Ostroda Folkowo festival- 2010 (Poland), SARI 2010 (Poland, Zory), Rozsypaniec 2010, 2011 (Poland), WOSP 2011, 2012 (Poland, Torun), Europa Fest - 2011 (Romania), "Muzyczna Zohylina" - 2011 (Tatry), Must Be The Music - 2011 (Poland)

For more information on our performances in US, please contact:
AtmAsfera's US concert coordinator,
Natasha Litvinova +1 808 394 7671


"Internal" (2012, World music), “Integro” (2011, World music),
"To find" (2006, Art-rock); "Forgotten Love" (2006, Ethno).