ATMIC VISION  - New Sound Indo-American Fusion -

ATMIC VISION - New Sound Indo-American Fusion -

 Boulder, Colorado, USA
BandWorldNew Age

ATMIC VISION uplifts with captivating rhythms, melodies and moods. Its NEW SOUND awakens joy in audiences of all ages! The enchanting bansuri flute, soulful double bass, and mesmerizing tabla create an exotic Indo-American fusion.


Energizing, inspiring. healing… ATMIC VISION tunes into the positive powers of raga-based Indian music to awaken joy in audiences of all ages! Atmic Vision means seeing the oneness… creative essence … consciousness… love… Atma… that pervades the entire universe. ATMIC VISION’s music brings to life the ancient Indian philosophical principles of Sathyam, Shivam, and Sundaram (Truth/Unity, Goodness, and Beauty).

ATMIC VISION’S unique NEW SOUND, a fusion of the soulful double bass, the enchanting Indian bansuri flute and mesmerizing tabla drums, creates an exotic musical experience that uplifts and captivates audiences. Atmic Vision soars, grooves, dances, and reverberates with jazzed-up Indian melodies and rhythms. Audiences are transported "with a pureness of joy I no longer thought possible." S.Vaughn, Metropolitan Opera, NYC.

"Sunrise at Kanyakumari," AV's 2nd CD, will be released in fall 2011. Atmic Vision's 43 concerts in 10 states during the 2005, '07 & '08 tours included a New York City debut at SYMPHONY SPACE, and concerts in France.

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2) TOUR INFO 2011, '08, '07, 05


ANNADA (BUTTO) PRASANNA PATTANAIK, BANSURI FLUTE is one of India's foremost classical bansuri artists. He is highly sought after in the film industry in Southern India and is featured on well over 1000 film songs. Butto tours extensively with other leading Indian artists. He is well-known by the general public for his weekly appearances on Bangalore, India television. Butto studied with India's leading bansuri maestro, Pandit Hari Prasad Chaurasia. Visit Butto at

DR. PAUL ERHARD, DOUBLE BASS, is the double bass professor at the University of Colorado College of Music in Boulder where he has taught since 1986. Paul performs as a soloist and teaches internationally in Europe and Asia, as well as throughout the USA. He is a frequent judge for top solo competitions in Europe. Since 1998, Paul has pioneered using the double bass in Indian Classical music, and has studied extensively in India. Paul has his doctorate from Juilliard. As a masters student, he won the Juilliard Double Bass Solo Competition. Visit Paul at

MUTHU KUMAR, TABLA, performs, records and teaches extensively in India and on travels abroad. Based in Bangalore, India, he has performed on over 70 recordings in a wide variety of musical settings including Indian, Jazz, Gospel, and Hip-Hop. He is a leader in musical innovation, as a performer with Indian classical and fusion ensembles he is a member of, and as a teacher with his online tabla lessons. Muthu studied in Bombay with the tabla legend Ustad Alla Rakha, and the great tabla virtuosos Ustad Zakir Hussain and Pandit Yogesh Samsi. Visit Muthu at

2) TOUR INFO 2011, '08, '07, '05

2011: Atmic Vision's October 2011 Tour of concerts and Indian music workshops will include Colorado, Oregon and Washington State. Atmic Vision has also been invited to perform at the Kennedy Center in Washington D.C.

2008 USA and PARIS TOUR: Atmic Vision 15 concert and 24 EXPANDING THE HORIZONS Indian music workshop (4000+ students) tour of Colorado, Midwest, Las Vegas and LA, and Paris included concerts as the featured performing group for the "2008 Conference on South Asia", October 17, University of Wisconsin, Madison WI, and a Concert at the International Double Bass Festival "Bass '08" to be held in Paris, France, Oct. 30- Nov. 2 (

2007 USA TOUR: Atmic Vision 16 concert and 30 EXPANDING THE HORIZONS Indian music workshop (5000+ students) tour of Colorado and New York (New Jersey, Connecticut) during February and March 2007 included the group's New York City debut at Symphony Space in Manhattan, NYC on March 17.

2005 TOUR: Colorado, Idaho, Washington State with 16 Concerts, 6 University Class Presentations, 2 Radio Interviews / Performances (KPBX Public Radio taped interview, Spokane WA, aired March 6 & 8; KGNU Public Radio live broadcast, Boulder CO, February 14), and our first recording, EXPANDING HORIZONS recorded in the Cascade Mountains outside of Seattle, and available iTunes,


An integral part of Atmic Vision’s mission “to inspire and uplift audiences through beautiful music” is our educational responsibility of reaching out to audiences of all ages, and especially to K-12 students both in urban and in under served rural areas, with our EXPANDING THE HORIZONS Indian Music Workshop. Our goal is to engage and communicate with younger audiences in a way that gets them excited about our music rooted in ancient Indian principles Sathyam, Shivam, and Sundaram (Truth/Unity, Goodness, and Beauty). We share music of India with kids and bring the music to life for them in a way that


EXPANDING HORIZONS, Atmic Vision's 1st CD, is available on iTunes and at

"Some pieces (of CD "EXPANDING HORIZONS") have an upbeat, dancing feel while others send you off into a space of transient, imagery-filled peacefulness." Colorado Daily

Sai Ram
Chitta Chora

SUNRISE AT KANYAKUMARI, Atmic Vision's 2nd CD, will be released in fall 2011

Gayatri Mantra
Raga Jait
Prema Mudita

Set List

ATMIC VISION'S "New Sound" INDO - AMERICAN FUSION is a totally new and fresh sound in Indian improvised music. ATMIC VISION'S repertoire includes RAGA COMPOSITIONS performed in a North Indian Classical style, popular Indian BHAJAN SONGS, and FUSION arrangements of WESTERN CLASSICAL PIECES. Audience favorite RAGA COMPOSITIONS include: Bhupali, Hansadhwani, Jait, Jhinjoti, Kalavati, Nat Bhairav, Yaman.

Typical sets:

Set 1: Raga Jait, Chitta Chora (Krishna)

Set 2: Vigenshwara (Ganesh), Prema Mudita (Rama), J.S.Bach Bourrees 1 & 2, Dhun


Set 1: Raga Jhinjoti, Kausalya (Rama�s mother)

Set 2: Vinayaka (Ganesh), Sai Ram (Rama), J.S.Bach Courante and Gigue, Dhun