At Mourning's End

At Mourning's End

 Redwood Falls, Minnesota, USA

At Mourning's End is a hardcore band out of small town Redwood Falls, Minnesota. A.M.E. is a band with a zeal for music and creativity. Their desire is to ignite a flame of hope in the hearts of the hopeless, and be a voice of truth in the darkness.


At Mourning’s End is about showing grace to those who have been given none, giving mercy to the down trot, and meeting each and every person where they are at in life. It’s not just about putting on an awesome show, but serving people. They have been called by God to build up the broken hearted, and spread a message of hope. For this reason, At Mourning’s End has poured all of their time, efforts, passion, and money into this purpose that God has set before them. The desire is to ignite the flame of truth in this world, and be a light for Christ that leads the lost and suffering to the Love that is “mourning’s end”.


New Temptation

Written By: At Mourning's End

I’ve falling one more time but still you call me yours
Calling upon your name to be set free
I wish I were a better son
But you take me as I am
I felt the earth move beneath my feet
Stand still and watch you run
I watched the skies turn gray over my head
Caved into myself
And asked can you hear the sound
Dreaming of the day
That we stand and fight

I see the sign of the times
And I try to run away, try to run away
I feel myself slowly slipping
Can you save me from this pain,
Save me from this pain

I will rise (4x)

Terrorized in the wings of the dark angel
Dear lord can you save my soul
Take away the pain I hold in me
No one can pay the price of a life (2x)

Secrets of Victoria

Written By: At Mourning's End

I can see the lust in your eyes
Nothing but a hallow inside
Only tattered scars remain
My broken soul cries out for more
I run away
I running just to be safe
I can see but I will find you
grabbing on to what is left
any reason that might come through
I will rise again
Taking any hope that might cure
You’ll never find a way
Any reason that might come through
You can’t hide away
(“your mine” second time)

My downfall
Your falling
I’m falling
I don’t need you
You’re lying
I’m gonna drown

Leave go I’m not yours no more (2x)

Windows are your friend

Written By: At Mourning's End

Skies went dark it rained on me
Lighting flashed and skies were open
I fall, I fall
Broken, away
This is a nightmare
Without you here
Get me out of here
Get me out of here
Get me out of here, now

Sound the alarm
Break me free
Break into me mind
I can still suffocate in my dreams
Save me

Break the tapes that play in my head
Break the tapes that play in my head
Break them
Break them


At Mourning's End EP

1. New Temptation
2. Secrets of Victoria
3. Windows