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Boston, Massachusetts, United States | SELF

Boston, Massachusetts, United States | SELF
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"Megan Madara - 'Finally There'"

Not all Berklee kids are spending their time busking in Boston Common. Freshman Berklee College of Music student Megan Madara has just released her second album, Finally There. Accompanied by guitarist and Northeastern student Nate Lord, Madara tries her hand at breezy, singer/songwriter pop.

Especially considering her young age, Madara is pretty focused with her album. Her voice resembles that of Colbie Caillat with a light, easy-going sound. Madara plays it safe with her vocals on the album opener, “Your Way,” where it seems as if she could have added more variety or experimentation, which is also the case on some of her other tracks.

She does, however, play around on “Never Let You Go,” a song that is beachy enough to make you want to dig your toes into the sand. The song is laid back and simple. It’s almost like Hawaiian-tinged easy-listening, but that fits with its relaxed feel.

The album takes a turn for the better with “Time,” which is much more upbeat and fun. With more prominent drums and a folk sound, the track is one of her more solid ones. Its music itself is much more varied, and includes a nice guitar solo (Fun fact: Nate Lord custom built the guitars used on the album).

As the album progresses, it seems as if Madara grows more confident. She exercises her vocal range more and the songs grow catchier, with more solid hooks. She shows her potential in the back half of the album, most notably on “Wait,” which sounds like a cool, retro pop song from the sixties.

Madara is obviously growing as an artist. Finally There is a solid effort, but lacks some creativity in its lyrics. Regardless, Madara seems to have the persistence and drive to innovate and build upon her sound and songwriting. And at only 18, she is just beginning.

Recommended Tracks: “Never Let You Go,” “Time” and “Wait”

Rating: 3.8/5 - Northeastern University Tastemakers - Suzie Conway

"Megan Madara - 'Finally There'"

by Jehad Choate
Staff Writer

I was sitting in the Groove office, hard at work on my next article, when I realized I needed to fuel my creativity with a beverage. As I opened the door, there stood a quiet, shy girl with an envelope addressed to yours truly. I am very skeptical about the music that graces my desk, because frankly, I am starting to think musicians are obsessed with using the word “folk” more than actually listening to it.
Such was not the case with Megan Madara, a first semester Berklee kid from Jersey. She sold me on personality first by never prefacing her art with production qualms or any doubts of her musicianship and composition—she looked me dead in the eye and said with confidence that she was proud of the work she did. Impressed, I made her sit and listen to the CD, taking advantage of a rare opportunity to see how an artist reacts to her own work by constantly observing her mannerisms. As the first track played, the music didn’t particularly catch me right away until her voice saturated the air. Dark, rich, sultry are adjectives that can’t possibly touch what this seemingly shy girl projects from her mouth. When I called her a better sounding Sheryl Crow, Megan cracked up and said she had been associated with her before.

After exchanging information, I scared her away to have a personal moment with her work of art, and what can I say? Finally There is nine songs of dynamic music and sexy vocals. The instrumentalists are tight and know how to tastefully showcase their talents in solos with full respect of the beautiful music they contribute to. Megan’s lyrical content sings of the human spirit in all its rational and irrational states, expressively conveying a relatable reaction to the world around her. Stylistically, it ranges from rock to the occasional bossa feel, while never losing a driving rhythm section with an almost ethereal lead guitar. I could fall in love to the sounds of this music just as easily as I could seek revenge to it.

Megan Madara gets my seal of approval not only for a great collection of songs, but also for being a confident and interesting person. I recommend stopping her on Massachusetts Ave. when she’s hurrying to her Ear Training 1 class to buy her CD.

You can listen to some of Megan Madara’s album Finally There on her website. - Berklee Groove - Jehad Choate


Megan Madara's Discography:
Finally There - released in 2010
Along the Way - released in 2008



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