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The best kept secret in music


"Submarine Song of Day at"

Congratulations! As a result of some very enthusiastic reviews from members, "Submarine" will be Track of the Day at

For 24 hours on Tuesday, the 29th of May, 2007 (PST) "Submarine" will be featured on's Indie Rock front page.

Sample member reviews:

"I think this song is a hit and the band should be signed. They can write and perform better the 80% of the band on the radio that I've heard in the past two years.
They sound like they're enjoying what they're playing. The lyrics are sung with feeling and the arrangments are solid.
Right to the point and the hooks grab you and keep you listening throughout the song, good job!
The bridge is well written, as is the melody and inter play with the vocals. Full bodied sound in the talent department."
- Ringo_Shine

"this song explodes with a lot of energy and some of the best production ive heard on this site. it has a very pop and indie friendly feel to hit. this is going to sound like an insult, but the band almost sounds like fall out boy, ONLY in way that they have a naturally pop friendly sound. fortunatly the song writing and overall presentation of the band is like 10 times better.

the singer has a great voice. ready for radio and very engaging. he really sounds like a lot of the singers who are on the alternative and indie stations right now.

the guitar, bass, percussion, and synth work were all awesome. everything is this song is mixed perfectly and gets an equal amount of room to show off.

overall, very very strong track. im impressed."
- EtcEtc -

"StandingO Interview"

O: So, congratulations on being a successful NYC band, doing what you love and making it work. Since your debut EP was released over the summer, how has the reception been?

Atomati: Well, if piracy is any indication, it's been received well. Lon has a bunch of friends in LA who've taken to burning copies and handing them out to friends. The same thing,thankfully, is happening here in NYC as well. Of course any band starting out encourages that type of behavior. We play and record to be heard. That and we've been too broke to keep up with demand and produce enough CDs, which is why we decided to make the EP available on iTunes (click on album cover above) .

SO: What is the background on the band name?

AI: Oh man! Did you have to ask that question!?! It's the question we fear most, you know. It was either "atomati" or "Flowers and Unicorns," but we just didn't know how to pull off the latter. In truth, we stumbled upon the name, which is a reference to automatic weaponry. Apparently, in Nigeria, illiterate soldiers call automatic weapons "atomati." The name, in truth, was decided on for its graphical appeal. We weren't looking to be dogmatic when we chose it. That being said, we also liked the metaphor. In the beginning we felt illiterate while holding these very powerful tools/instruments – guitars, keys, drum machine, drums, bass, microphones. We tend to shy away from the meaning now, as we hate guns.

SO: What is your favorite track on the album and how long does the songwriting process take for the band?

AI: Each of us likes different songs for different reasons. Milind loves "Submarine." It's by far the pop standout on the EP. Hell, Danny even plays a Moog on it. Lon is kind of attached to "Clothes on Fire." Again it may have something to do with the keys Danny plays on the track, but it's also a dancey song saturated by a hard to define mood. Also, the song structure is a bit different. It's not your typical verse-chorus-verse song. Very few of the songs we write are. "Clothes on Fire" is also a fav because it's about running around, drinking a 40 oz, and screwing while the world crumbles around you. For less than a soda you can download one from iTunes.
Songwriting is so much damn fun. It's a truly collaborative process. No one in the band is a hired gun. We tend to get in a room and feed off each other. Most of the time, we bring small bits to the table, try them out, and then tear 'em apart. We've written songs faster than you can play 'em, but we've also worked on songs for months. Until it's recorded, we tend to continually fiddle.

SO: Arlene's Grocery seems to be one of the best places in NY to see up and coming bands in a post CBGB's landscape. For people who have yet to get over to the venue, what is the atmosphere like, how is the crowd?

AI: Arlene's is amazing. The sound guys really go all out for bands there, so you're guaranteed a great sound, which is a huge luxury for a struggling band in NYC. We've also noticed that people show up at Arlene's just to see bands. Too often, bands have to rely on friends to ensure a crowd, but at Arlene's it's different. When we mingle prior to a show there (ok, while we're getting drunk), we run into people who are just there to hear new music. Sometimes they don't even have any idea who's playing. For us, our goal is to convert 2-3 people who've never heard us or heard of us at every show, and Arlene's is great for that. The audience is always receptive and discerning.

SO: What are you all listening to these days? Who are your influences?

AI: A proper list of favs could take months to effectively shape. We feel like John Cusack in High Fidelity making a mixtape for a girl he wants to screw. Listening to… Lon is semi-obsessed with Les Savy Fav, Hot Chip, Of Montreal, Wolf Parade, Professor Murder, Pulp… Yikes! This list could fill your magazine. Milind often mentions Camera Obscura as well as Peter Bjorn and John. "Young Folks" is an amazing track. Danny's listening to Bloc Party, Mew, anything produced by The Neptunes or Nigel Godrich. As far as influences go, Danny's guitar is often informed, technically, by the Edge. Surely the band is influenced by U2, The Cure, Joy Division, Gang of Four, Pulp, Fugazi, Manchester + Bollywood + Electronica + "the 80s," … We have no idea how to be concise concerning this topic.

SO: Since the release of the EP last year, what's in store next for Atomati? Are you currently recording songs for another release?

AI: Yeah, we just started recording some demos. Typically, we like to record new songs by ourselves; Lon has an aging computer that somehow accommodates 10-15 tracks of audio. So we'll record some stuff and then listen to it, tweak stuff, show it off to friends, get some feedback, and walk into a real studio with a strong grip on the weakness and strengths of the songs, rewriting and/or trashing some of them. We want to be in the studio in Apri -

"From Far Song of Day at"

Congratulations! As a result of some very enthusiastic reviews from members, "From Far" will be Track of the Day at

For 24 hours on Thursday, the 12th of July, 2007 (PST) "From Far" will be featured on's Indie Rock front page.
Some sample member reviews:
"Sick distorted bass tone! Oh yeah, awesome new wave indie drum beat!

Singer sounds like the dude from Blur - which i'd guess is a big influence on this music.

Track was mastered well - sounds crystal clear.

Awesome song, I'll def check out more!

Strong hook - I bet this would be awesome live dude!"

"Could definately picture turning on the radio and hearing this song. Fits right into whats hot right now. Everything from the distorted simple but catchy bass line, the almost british-punk vocals, the quick snare drum work... very cool.

My only problem with it is that production sounds almost a little too "dirty." The overall overdriven sound really works for the band, but it may be slightly too much here and there's a slight lose of clarity.

The bass line that kicks off the song really caught attention, and the off beat hi-hats really accent the feel and groove of the verse.

Totally could see this burning up the charts though guys, best of luck!"
- TheRedOrchestra -


EP (2006)
Clothes on Fire
From Far
Beggars (Begging For Each Other)


Feeling a bit camera shy


Atomati are a three-piece band from New York City, consisting of Lon Koontz (Vocals, Bass, Guitar), Danny Morrow (Guitar, Synths, Bass, Loops), and Milind Parate (Drums, Drum Machines, Beats). Charles Newman recorded Atomati’s eponymous debut EP at Motherwest Studios in 2006.

Atomati’s influences include U2, The Cure, Joy Division, Fugazi, Gang of Four, manchester + bollywood + electronica + “the 80s”… the list goes on.

Although the band consists of only three members, Atomati fills out their sound by utilizing digital as well as analog instruments. Danny grew an additional set of arms in order to play keys and guitar simultaneously while Milind added electronic percussion effects to layer the rhythms of each song. These steps have further refined and established a dance/new wave/post-punk sound.

Over the past two years, Atomati has been establishing a significant fan base playing shows in NYC at CBGBs, Arlenes Grocery, Siné, Don Hill’s, Parkside Lounge, LIT, and a few tiki bars. Recently, Atomati has been traveling outside of New York to support their new five song EP now available on iTunes and doing quite well.