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Atomic 45

Portland, Oregon, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2020

Portland, Oregon, United States
Established on Jan, 2020
Band Rock Metal




"Atomic 45 Cauterized Self Released Street"

ATOMIC 45 CAUTERIZED Self-Released Street: 04.04 Atomic 45 = System of a Down + Suicidal Tendencies + Corrosion of Conformity I love a band that goes for it unapologetically in their approach, not that they should be apologizing for anything. What I’m getting from Cauterized is an element of exuberance that wasn’t as present on Atomic 45’s previous material. These guys seem to embrace a humor that doesn’t make them silly by any means, but does help them stand apart from numerous metal/punk bands that are attempting a similar style. “Space Case” has elements of what I’m talking about: It hits hard and has a fun hook that I can see all sorts of scene kids dancing to in the slam pit. The one thing I would like to see from these guys is for them to go even more mental—to get more of an unhinged attitude in their stuff, but either way, there’s a good time to be had with these tunes. –James Orme” - Slug Magazine

"Local Releases"

“Local Releases: April Showering Down Brand new releases from Atomic 45, A Balance of Power, Atrium, Hoops, DreDai and more Posted By Gavin Sheehan on April 10, 2015, 11:15 AM After a brief respite last week, the local music releases pick back up in April with nearly a dozen releases to discuss this week. The first on the list is Atomic 45, which was the only release show from last week. The hard rockers from SLC have been around since 2013 and had a badass album called Wake Up Dead come out last year. Cauterized is their sophomore full-length, it isn't available for sale online yet, but you can listen to the tracks on their ReverbNation page in the meantime.”
- Gavin Sheehan, Gavin's Underground-Salt Lake City Weekley (Apr 10, 2015) - Salt Lake City Weekly

"Atomic 45 Wake Up Dead Self Release Street"

“Atomic 45 Wake Up Dead Self-Released Street: 06.13 Atomic 45 = System of a Down + Rise Against + Anthrax I hate to be such a typical punk rock fan, but Atomic 45 are substantially better when they pick up the tempo and hit a little harder. “War Machine” is a standout tune on Wake Up Dead and comes at you decisively while hitting all the right places. That’s not to say that they should lose the emotion they so proudly demonstrate throughout the record—in fact, I think it makes them unique when it’s juxtaposed with their more forceful moments. I get the feeling that there are a lot of influences fighting for attention in this group. While the band works together, they are still figuring out how to edit themselves to get where they want to be musically. “Take” is another standout track that knows exactly what it wants to be, and the melody play between chorus and verse is very well-done. –James Orme”
- James Orme -Slug Magazine, Local Review: Atomic 45 - Wake Up Dead (Nov 06, 2014) - Slug Magazine


G.O.D.- Releases March 2020
Cauterized-April 2015
Wake Up Dead-April 2014



Imagine a three piece high intensity, versatility, depth, sexy, pretty and just the right amount of aggression to bring a unique blend of melodic, metal and punk to create genre of Rare Metal. Atomic 45 is a three-piece rock band out of Portland, OR that transcends traditional genres and expresses intense emotion through their music. They take the listener through a spectrum of emotions ranging from anger, sadness, beauty, elation, humor, awe and contemplation which brings us back to Rare Metal. Rare Metal takes you beyond the primal emotions of anger and sadness normally expressed within metal. They take the horrors of life that we may be forced to face, as well as the beauty that makes our existence worth living, and turn it into something tangible that takes the listener through a journey that is a song. Not all is serious though. Their creativity shines when they give into the unknown creating stories within the songs formed from the figment of imagination. They pride themselves on dynamics; timing changes/signatures, and crescendos/decrescendos, which are all used to create varying levels of intensity. Their sound takes you across the emotional spectrum that is life and within their music is a diversity that is not only powerful, but seductive, melodic, and fun. As James Orme of Slug Magazine summed it up by expressing “I love a band that goes for it unapologetically in their approach, not that they should be apologizing for anything” (Web).

This musical journey began in July of 2013 in Salt Lake City. Ravings of a Madman needed a bass player and along came a girl. She played guitar and decided she wanted to play bass and thus, Atomic 45 was born. Lead vocalist and guitarist “Madman” Jeremiah Hammon is the veteran of the band. His impressive abilities never go unnoticed. Just look around at a show to see eyes fixed during his solos, as he weaves effortlessly through dynamic guitar rhythms, and belts out professionally impressive vocals. Brooke Braga, “BB”, “Bragdor”, “Lady Brags” aspiring "Goddess of Thunder" on bass and backup vocals. Her bass lines add a fun, playful and creepy aspect to their sound. Her backups blend perfectly with Jeremiah and add that feminine touch to the already pretty aspects of the music. The foundation is built upon drummer Russell T., Russett, Russeteer. He takes every element A-45 possesses and makes it concrete. He adds the depth, creativity, skill, and foundation that Atomic 45 requires. 

A-45 has release two albums Cauterized and Wake Up Dead and is currently in the final mixing stages of their third album G.O.D. and have spent the past year writing and recording. Once again, the entire album was recorded by the band in their home studio. This time Dr. John of Johnny Wylie Music out of Las Vegas has collaborated on, composed on, and produced the album. This album has been a journey for the band. It is a vision of the band coming together and finding one voice. This album is the realization of the band finding their sound which only has room to grow. It was stated that their intentions were to "record an album they want to listen to" and apparently, they have done just that. Four singles from G.O.D. have been dropped and the entire album will be out February 2020. This release will come with printed C.D.’s, downloads, vinyl, and a plethora of Atomic Wear merch for your fashionable needs. 

Atomic 45 is a band that enjoys being active. They do not like to limit themselves within certain genres, audiences, or events. They believe music is a universal language and they want to speak to people, share their passions, and experience the world through their music while having fun doing it. Their stage show is high energy and intense especially for a three piece. Atomic 45 is looking forward to sharing G.O.D and to continue to display their unique, versatile and inventive style while rocking the music scene, and building their merch/clothing line Atomic Wear. Look out for this band! They are a force that is ready to make their place in this world! Sign up for their mailing list at, contact for booking, follow on social media, and listen/download tunes on an array of sources.

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