Atomic Alive

Atomic Alive


Haunting vocals, crashing guitars, aggressive bass and relentless drumming. Atomic Alive has a sound you won't forget.


Vocalist Justin Toler and guitarist Jason Garrett formed the rock n'roll band Atomic Alive in 2008 with drummer Zaq Watson and bassist Jason Birdwell. After performing in previous bands throughout Texas, Oklahoma and Tennessee, the foursome united to bring a dose of original rock to the masses. For the recording of their debut EP, producer Taz (Spinning Chain, The Union Underground, Cherry Street, Joe Leste) gave Atomic Alive a decidedly classic vibe, with the addition of rock n' roll and pop stylings. Already catching the ear of Austin rock audiences and critics alike, Atomic Alive have undeniably catchy riffs and hooks; there's a reason why this Austin band is creating a buzz in the Texas music scene.


Atomic Alive EP

Tracks currently streaming on MySpace:

1. Inside
2. Message

Set List

As many sets, and as long or short as necessary up to an hour.

Current Set List:

1. My Addiction
2. I, King
3. The Fight
4. Stained Glass
5. Unlike Another
6. Stained Glass
7. Message
8. Inside
9. The End
10. She Wears Hope

All material is original.