The Atomic Blue

The Atomic Blue


Music that is fresh but at the same time familiar. A roller coaster ride that takes you through all emotions one can feel. A sound that truely is atomic.


“The Atomic Blue is one of the best acts I’ve seen yet. It’s amazing that a trio can create such a huge sound, and send so much energy towards an audience.”
-Dave Ritter, THE GIST

Straight out of Madison, Wisconsin emerges a powerful band known as The Atomic Blue. The sound, energy, and presence put forth by these three individuals impart the feeling of numerous musicians upon stage. Mixing soul, blues, punk, pop, and rock, their music relates to all generations of music enthusiasts. The outrageous guitar and vocal work of Brad Hennig, is surely being channeled from a different time and place within the universe. The thunderous drums of Andrew Rupnow, who is undoubtedly a descendant of some creature of myth known only for shaking the earth. Finally Leroy Wipperfurth whose bass notes reach even the deepest depths of the ocean floor, will engulf, overpower, and ensnare all listeners.

Upon the release of their first album “Take the Ride” The Atomic Blue has gained nothing aside of respect and admiration from their peers within the music industry. The album flows through all spectrums, seasons, and reasons why music still makes the earth turn, it is soul pleasing and harmonious. From the catchy riffs and vocal quips on songs such as “Lady Devil” and “Dust and Talk” to the amazing extended jam on title track “Take the Ride” this album is only the first in a long line of many.

The members of The Atomic Blue have only this in mind when they show up for a performance: give the crowd what they came for. Which translates to a good time that will have people dancing, grooving, screaming, and calling for more. The following day all who witnessed this band’s thoughts, songs, and soul are imbued with energy that truly is atomic.

Venues played at-
High Noon
The Klinic
The Angelic
The Dry Bean
The Inferno
Wando's Bar
Club Tavern
Big E's Beach Club- Edgerton, WI
City Limits- Hayward, WI
Red Line Tap- Chicago
Bono's- Chicago
Pallywackers- Burbank, IL
McAllifes- Milwaukee
Riverwest Commons- Milwaukee
The Red Sea- St. Paul, MN
The Uptown Bar- Minneapolis, MN
The Reverb- Cedar Falls, IA
Mojo's Bar- Waterloo, IA
Oldfields- Columbus,OH

Bands played with-
This World Fair
Selfish Gene
Run Side Down
Good Time Camper
The Steez
Planet of 9
20 Reasons Taken
Union Pulse
.....and many more


The Atomic Blue's
"Take the Ride"
Indie Release '06
"The album sounds like a rediscovery of what impact rock can have on a social level and of what sounds can emanate from a Fender guitar."
- Rick Tvedt, RICK'S CAFE

Set List

Originals and covers ranging from early 60's to today's tunes. Jimi Hendrix and Led Zepplin to Red Hot Chili Peppers and Gnarles Barkley. The Blue can play up to 3 hours if need be.