Atomic Bride

Atomic Bride

 Seattle, Washington, USA

Based in Seattle, Atomic Bride is Astra Elane and co-lead vocalist and lead guitarist Chris Cool, Avtar on bass, Rachael on keys, and drummer Christopher Coutsourdis. Formed in 2006, AB is well-known for their unique, heavy sound combining pop sensibilities with hammering beats and twangy, tripped out guillotine guitars. Atomic Bride is largely influenced by The Partridge Family, Weird War, France Gall, Acid King, Ennio Morricone, Boris, and Joe Meek.


Punk godfather Jon Langford loves to tell the story of first seeing the Rezillos in the streets of Leeds, where he was going to art school with other members of his band The Mekons. When he met them before opening for them, they seemed shockingly brilliant, glamorous, mad, sexy, linking the androgyny of depraved glitter rock with the apocalyptic swell of punk. But completely dapper in doing so as underground pop stars.

Atomic Bride inspires that intensity in their fans. A hormonal, angry-sex-music craving. “Yes!” the band rhapsodizes, “Aggression, fury and entertainment! And hormones! Hormones that rage because the music makes you feel like SUCH a badass. We like to play music that's tough, but that turns people on too!”

Their second album Dead Air is for fans of rock music of a time when it was considered a revolution in itself, Atomic Bride evokes that LSD-coated apocalypse bopping Vietnam psycho beach party sugar-lipped hall of mirror end of time favorites in your mind already after just one spin. It's a Robert Williams pop surrealist drag race to the strip bar at the edge of a Roger Corman carnival death-trap. It's America in a blender set to “dangerous fun.”

Based in Seattle, Astra and co-lead vocalist and lead guitarist Chris Cool, Avtar on bass, Rachael on keys, and drummer Chris Coutsourdis are using their demonic Golem to release a soul-rattling recorded work of art as that shows how they have sensually dominated the secret world of real Seattle rock with their stage shows. Parts of the album were recorded at Bob Lang Studios, Clatter and Din, and Earwig. The rest were recorded at Atomic Bride's home studio and completely produced by them. It sounds like the work of eager art-terrorists meticulously crafting a punk opera to shatter the nerves of the stodgy moral guards of the West.

Stoking at their junked-up punk/metal/psyche roots, Chris and Astra's songwriting has mutated-evolved since birth in 2006 into real players tapping even more from the garage-surf-psyche fetish aesthetic. Now their bold anthems flourish with the fine details and full on frenzy of family values at an LA-burning Manson beach party at the end of time. In 2012 they've created a musical work of pop art that expands their vision into Wagnerian levels of beauty and terror, and features John and Exene level vocal exchanges.

Dead Air (“Avtar came up with it -- we love noise and all apocalyptic shit!”) features armageddon time anthems more ambitious than their parts, and the parts to their songs burn and swing: Words snarled and sweetly sung about entropy and empire failure, existential trials and transgressions; an STP-and-absinthe blur of well-played but utterly passionate bomp. If movies like Wizards, Mad Max, Django Kill, and The Hills Have Eyes needed new scoring, Atomic Bride would be the best to do the soundtracks for them.

The record features elaborately musical intros, outros, and between-song experiments that “come influenced in part the masterful interludes of 90s gangsta rap records,” because “We appreciate the concept of listening to an album from beginning to end. I like it when there is connectivity, even if the songs don't directly relate to one another.” As for the specific topics that make up the epic Dead Air: “We write about stuff we think is cool; sci-fi, westerns, hit men, twilight zone episodes, the 70s, people going crazy, cult, and old movies and books!”


Electric Order - 2013 EP
Dead Air - 2012 LP
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