Atomic Garden making music with dedication and sincerity.


This isn't about selling you the next well-marketed rock n'roll revolution.this isn't about telling you how this band will start some fake new era in modern music.

This is just about 3 music-obsessed people trying to make things on their own.Atomic Garden aren't chasing after the next trend.They'r just making music with dedication and sincerity.

They grew up with their older british godfathers, from 'Mega City Four' to 'Therapy ?', their american cousins, 'Hot water music' and 'Foo Fighters', with a little help from his french older brothers, like 'Burning Heads'. Atomic Garden has taken time to grow mature since its birth in 2000.

How? You may ask.
Firstly by playing live anywhere they can: around 150 shows from bars to clubs to bigger venues in France, United Kingdom, Germany, Spain, and soon in other countries. They played with revered bands including 'Statistics' (Jade Tree/USA), 'Ipanema' (ex-MC4,Bosstunage,UK), G.A.S Drummers (Bcore,Spain)....Secondly, by making records:
Atomic Garden have released 2 albums and several splits, including their last one with 'Ipanema', with worldwide distribution.

Not content with just that, they are also deeply involved in the independent music scene, running 2 indie labels, a fanzine, other musical projects and setting up gigs for foreing bands in their hometown. Atomic Garden isn't about posing and pretending, they only want to share their view on melodic high-energy guitar-driven indie rock.

The band has just finished its 3rd album, 'Little Stories About Potential Events'. It was mixed by Chris Sheldon (Foo Fighters, Therapy?, Biffy Clyro...) and mastered by Alan Douches (Alkaline Trio, Converge....) It wil be released in 2009 in various countries and followed by tours in Europe, USA, UK and maybe more.


2009 - album CD/LP 'Little Stories About Potential Events'
2007- split CD/7" with Ipanema
- Gasoline Rainbow , acoustic split CD
2006- album CD/LP 'Reversing the curse'
2005 - split CD
- split 7" with Aside, GAS Drummers, RAvi
2004- album cd 'Helleaven'
EP CD 'Radio activity'
2003 - split CD

Motr city 1/Back in Clermont Ferrand (2006)
Punk Rawk Mag Sampler (2004 with seven seconds, sick of it all....)
Punk rawk mag sampler (2002 with dag nasty, voodooglowskulls...)
Whikey dancing with Dead End, DEad pop club...
Walked in line magazine sampler with Therapy?, Ravi.....
Thet's all punk (split italy)
and more...
Punk Rawk mag

Set List

divide & conquer
this is a cockfight
step 3 : sonar system overloaded
a murder of crows
good relationships make great tragedy
democratic maze
swimming with ghosts
helter shelter
no i didn't meet jesus
perpetual motion
the fortune teller said...

(no cover bands, set long 45 min)