Atomic Mosquitos

Atomic Mosquitos


Surf/Instrumental Rock. Like Link Wray, the Ventures and Dick Dale in a blender hurling through outer space.


These rockin' mutants play the most infectious surf instrumental music this side of Three Mile Island. Roll up your sleeves and get bit by these beat-happy bugs.

In the 9+ years the Mosquitos have been around, they've been fortunate to share the stage with:
The Fleshtones
Laika and the Cosmonauts
The Bottle Rockets
Rosie Flores
The Rip Chords
and more...


Nothing to see here.

Written By: Nobody.

No lyrics, all instrumental.


Atomic Mosquitos S/T 2002
Release the Mosquitos 2005
Meltdown 2008

-Lemme Take You To The Beach: Frank Zappa Tribute
Cordelia Records
-Jesus Christ Surferstar: Om Om Records

Set List

98 percent original with a couple of choice covers.
About 2-50min. sets available.