the atomic orchestra

the atomic orchestra


An instructional eight-track cassette is played... it contains gaseous music from melted tapes that could have been encoded with the sounds of 1969-era Pink Floyd, 1978 Gary Numan and the ageless Godspeed You Black Emperor! - Exclaim!


the Atomic Orchestra is the most recent incarnation of the Atomic Cosmonaut and is a sort of hybridization of electronica, rock, jazz, country, and the occasional digital bleep. The trio is comprised of four veterans of the Southern Ontario music scene; Erik Culp, Scott Bucsis and Blas Melissari (Mind of a Squid), and Mike Bell (Chore).

The Atomic Cosmonaut’s most recent release “A Strange Planet” is a filmic, and incredibly flowing album that is bound together by the theme of the 1973 animated film “Fantastic Planet”, without using samples, or any musical reference from the film. The album cohesively binds the songs together with the aid of ambient soundscapes, and careful ordering of the material as a whole.

the Atomic Orchestra is currently working on an album for release in 2006, and have plans for touring Canada upon release.


(in production) - 2006
A Strange Planet - 2001
pharmacopoeia - 2000

Set List

we can cater to anything from a short 30 min showcase to multiple hour long sets.