Atomicy, a group from the GTA, combines thrashing guitar riffs combined with in-your-face vocals, pummeling percussion and brutal basslines rip up the stage at venues across Ontario and more! The glory days of metal combined with a progressive sound that is unmatched.


In times where unique brands of music are scarce among many, many musical genres, the success earned by many is based on how they present themselves. The blood, sweat and emotions put into ones work are rarely acknowledged, but when they are noticed, they shine.

Atomicy, a group of which who's love of music had brought them together as a full band in late winter season of 2005. Percussionist, Ty Mercer, & Lead Vocals/Lead Guitarist, Steve Verschuuren had been searching for key members to fill the gaps in their current band. Meanwhile, Rhythm/Lead Guitarist, Matt Lamb, was searching for a band to play in along with Bassist, Will Gray.

With great knowledge of musical theory and each band member striving to perfect their instruments, the group known as Atomicy soldiered on.

Atomicy, a thunderous assault of traditional thrash riffs, face melting guitar duels, booming bass lines, in your face vocals, and pummeling percussion continues to conquer each and every obstacle in its way and all in the same, have a hell of a time.


Demo... "Rampage" - Receiving airplay on many internet radio stations around North America.

Currently in the process of completing the self-titled LP with some songs off the demo and a few new tracks.

Set List

Of our songs, our typical set lists consists of:

Bringer of Pain
Rampage At Dawn
Wake of the Storm
Shot of Aggression
White Lies
Among The Mortals

Covers we perform are consistent with the following:


Our sets can be anywhere from 30 minutes to 1 and a half hours.