Atommik Boy

Atommik Boy


I've been producing music for about 5 years now. I specialize in my own brand of downtempo-alternative trip hop. I've had several song placements on MTV shows such as "Pimp my Ride" and "Two-A-Days". Last year I received an honorable mention in the John Lennon Songwriting Contest.


Constructing sonic collages that blend mood, rhythym and melody, D.C. based producer and remixer Atommik Boy (Eddie Simmens) creates his own brand of alternative down-tempo songs.
Utilizing an extensive sound library, Logic Studio, a Macbook Pro, and a variety of digital tools, Atommik Boy weaves each of his compositions by first starting with the genetic material of a song, whether it be a basic melody or simply an idea.
His music has been heard on MTV's "Meet the Barkers," "Two-A-Days," "Engaged and Underage," and "Pimp My Ride." Influenced by a variety of artists including The Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, RJD2, Yoko Kanno and Radiohead, Atommik's sound is fresh and full of promise. Atommik Boy is an active member of ASCAP as well as TAXI. He is currently being managed by Shawn Matthews.


I haven't released any CDs, but I did create and sell Discrevolt digital download cards (

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Currently I am a non-performing artist.