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"Review of "The End of All Things""

Atoms Inception
United States
Song Title:
The End Of All Things
Alt Rock
What I thought:
Yeah I like this.

It's got a great machine style drive to it and for some reason, the singer reminds me of what Bernard Sumner would sound like if A. he could sing and B. sang like Matt Bellamy or Thom Yorke.

OK, so I think it sounds a bit like the bands they represent, but actually it has a great heavy rock sound underpinning it.

It's actually a fucking great track that contains enough variety to keep me entertained for the duration.

OK, there are one or two production issues, mainly in terms of levels and effects, but these are largely pedantic points.

Folks, this is the work of one individual. Salutes start now.

Fantastic. Cheers. MORE!
Reminds me of:
Muse, U2, Radiohead, New Order, Underworld
In a sentence:
Pretty damn excellent.
- Living Atheist

"Video Killed the Radio Star"

Atoms Inception appears to be a one man band out of Columbus, Ohio. This is definitely something to put your ears to. If I had to describe them I would say they have a sort of down tempo Stabbing Westward/Deftones feel. The vocal part is pure and smooth with killer guitar compliment with a bit of digital indie feel to it. Kyle Preston (of Atoms Inception) says his project is "dedicated to the art and beauty of music." - Hi-Fi Audio Extacy


This is a fun song.
Nice movie sample, and nice fast sequence into the vocals...

THe vocals sound like a person with greasy hair, pale skin, clinging to life by a thread.

This song is brilliant.

I don't really know who you sound like. THe first band I think of is Ramstein. But your vocals are more like Ango stadium rock (muse, coldplay, whatever).
THe fast guitars remind me of a Bach Fugue, or Toccatta and Fuge - anyway, kind of Baroque and creepy.

THe vocals are really beautiful in the 4th minute - the mood becomes more melancholy and sad in the outro, and the mood reminds me exactly of how you feel all the way through the Blur song called Sing.

Reviewed by: timothymurphy from Havant, United Kingdom - Garageband


"The Ten Commandments" Self-Released 2008 (Album)



From it’s beginning, Atoms Inception has sought to create a musical atmosphere as lush and beautiful as anything previously produced in modern progressive rock music. It attempts to capture the innocence and honesty that we often miss in our daily lives. Emerging from Columbus, Ohio, Atoms Inception began as a recording project from the brain of Kyle Preston. With the collapse of the Columbus favorite Proximity Grey, a new outlet was needed for his creative exploration. Pushing the music forward as a solo project became a daunting task and as the future appeared bleak, John Huffman became the second official member. Bringing experience from countless bands including Columbus’s own Davenporte, Huffman was the perfect addition to the band. After the two met and played with many different drummers, Eric Olander became the final puzzle piece needed. Adding creativity and impeccable style, Olander completed the band’s search for a full live sound. With comparisons ranging from Nine Inch Nails to Muse, to "space rock", their live show is something that requires a first hand experience to fully understand. To better grasp the origins of the band, the following allegory is a proper description.

"One day an apple fell from a tree. Though the apple was grateful for the lifelong nourishment the tree provided, he was ready to see the rest of the world. Sightseeing, backpacking, sky diving; he sought adventure. He began to notice all different kinds of apples. Red ones, green ones, yellow ones, even an occasional blue one. Recognizing this diversity caused him to reexamine his own core. He didn't like what was there. Demons and angels constantly fighting for a piece of the fruit. Determined to become the cleanest fruit in the world, the apple began chiseling away at the nasty pieces of himself. For days and nights he chiseled, pondering visions of the fruit he would eventually become. He began reading all of the horrifying articles in the news and viewing the disgusting ignorant crap on the t.v. He wanted something different, something more. With the utmost determination, he began to write. This is what he had to say. "