Jersey City, New Jersey, USA

Atoms to Suns fuses shoegazer roar to dub environments and machine beats, and holds it together with a powerful female voice.


Atoms to Suns is a NYC-based band focused on creating noise of dark atmospheric rock tinged with elements of dub.

ATS began as a songwriting and recording partnership between Maria Estrella and Michael Derby, starting in September 2005. Derby handled stringed and electronic instruments, and dealt with production and engineering. Maria took care of the vocals and some of the synths. A productive and collaborative arrangement, Derby and Estrella ground out more than an album's worth of tracks. But as much as recording is at the heart of ATS, Derby and Estrella wanted to go live, too. To do that, they welcomed Juan Mora on drums and Jerome Annum on bass. Gigs commenced in early 2007 - the first show held at Arlene's Grocery.

Most of Atoms to Suns composing happens in Logic Pro and Ableton Live. The band takes its studio creations and translates them aggressively, with all the power of a full rock band.

Atoms to Suns is in the final stages of completing a full-length album with an anticipated release date of Summer 2007.


The band is presently finishing a full length album of songs written by Michael Derby and Maria Estrella.

The full length is due out Summer 2007.

Set List

7-8 songs typically lasting 45 minutes

Songs include:
Love Is
So Much Love
Red Curtain
Boss Song
Nothing Less Than
Iron Path