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Toronto, Ontario, Canada | Established. Jan 01, 2005 | INDIE

Toronto, Ontario, Canada | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2005
Band Electronic Dark Wave





Toronto-based Atomzero is a duo that has already been active for a couple of years now. I even remember this band from the famous “Electruama”-series on, which they got featured on at the 6th volume back in 2002 (released by Triton). After having been involved in different other projects Atomzero now has finally achieved their official debut album.

The opening track “MisDirection”, which has been also released as title song of an EP, is a very solid starter. Musically the sequences remind me of Praga Khan. There’s a nice twist between fresh EBM ideas and danceable vibes. The next cut reveals a different approach, which sounds more poppy-minded with a Kraftwerk-touch on top. I prefer the harder side of the album, which comes back at “Build Decay”. This is another great danceable body-tech driven cut featuring harder vocal parts. Another potential hit appears to be “Dissent”. I like the raw grooves running through this track while it also sounds pretty club-minded. The production of the vocals reminds me a bit of Steve Naghavi.

The softer side of Atomzero also reveals a few good surprises and always remains inspired by EBM and synth-pop music. “Blockade” makes me think of the offspring between soft Leather Strip songs and And One. “Symbiosis” features 10 cuts, which are all interesting with the exception of both final cuts, which are a bit different, but rather uninspired.

Conclusion: “Symbiosis” is a well-crafted debut album featuring several attention grabbers. There’s a nice twist between harder- and softer songs, but both sides of the band are accomplished.

Best songs: “Dissent”, “MisDirection”, “Build Decay”, “Bloackade”.

Rate: (Tor Cleenics:7)Tor Cleenics. - Side-Line Magazine

"The Best New Music : Symbiosis by Atom Zero"

This is my review for Atomzero's debut full length LP, Symbiosis. Like my last review for White Blush's EP this is another release that completely caught me off guard.

Atomzero are a duo based right here out of Toronto. They create and deliver a visceral blend of darkened industrial synthpop that shows its diversity through all ten tracks on this album.

The album opens with the track "MisDirection" which is a four on the floor arpeggio banger. I love the instrumentation they used on this track all throughout the verses and hooks. It has a pulsating vibe musically yet it still isn't too heavy. The album carries on through tracks "Symbiotic" and "Build Decay" that have a awesome VNV Nation and KMFDM kind of vibe with its instrumentation and lyrical delivery.

Track four, "Ghost Inside", changes the dynamic of the LP with its Depeche Mode type delivery. It's such a melodic mellow track that is also very heartfelt; I love it! It's great when a duo can create tracks like "Ghost Inside" because it shows off their ability to do something different. Up next is "Surface" that keeps the same sort of vibe that "Ghost Inside" had. A great blend of mid-paced melodic synthpop, if Depeche Mode had a baby with New Order, then this is exactly the type of track the offspring would make at its best.

The album continues to alternate between four on the floor beats and slower mid-tempo songs. The last song on Symbiosis has to be my favorite track, entitled "Brave". This is a great way to end this record. It has such a deep dark undertone pulsing throughout with uplifting pads and a great piano section that accompanies this song beautifully. The lyric "To be brave in such a lonely place" almost made me tear up when listening to it.

Overall "Symbiosis" is a very strong debut album for Atomzero. It has all the elements that you would want to hear on a record, from pulsating rhythms and beats to great melodic vocal delivery to sub-tuned darkwave. It's the perfect album and a very strong release for these guys. I will be looking forward to more music from them in the future. - ISN Radio

"Tuesday Ten: 205: Tracks of the Month (June 2014)"

An unsolicited promo that arrived recently - not a band I'd heard of before, but this is good. Hard-edged futurepop, if you will, with tough, near-EBM rhythms, what sounds like sampled guitars, and a good sense of melody that means there is actually something to sing along to. I like this a lot, and I'll be looking out for this band's next moves, for sure. - A Model of Control

"Review: Atomzero 'Symbiosis'"

Canada-based duo Atomzero's first full-length release 'Symbiosis' is an ebm infused sytnhpop assault with dance floors firmly in its sights. Beat driven and melodic, it ticks all the boxes a modern electro-pop album should. It may fall short of being a genre classic just yet, but this is a début from a band that are hungry for recognition.

Opening with 'MisDirection' the bands put their best foot forward and establish their simple but effective formula of dance beats and no-frills pop melodies that continues through songs such as 'Ghost Inside', 'Blockade', 'Dissent' and 'Brave'. With this strict adherence to the sound, when they do mix things up it has a major effect with 'Build Decay' and 'Nature Without Sound' in particular standing out with their respectively harder and more experimental styles.

The songs are well written, the lyrics are deep and the production is fairly good as well. But vocally the album could do with a bit more variation. They're good but a tad self conscious and when they really need to power through the song they come off a bit restrained.

The album isn't perfect, but there is more than enough promise here for the band to work with and continue to refine. 'Symbiosis' is a good first step that hints at some interesting directions that the band don't quite follow through on. But there is more than enough substance to enjoy, and it wouldn't be surprising if this gained the duo some label attention. Hopefully the next full length will see them unfetter themselves and really show us what they can do. - Intravenous Magazine

"Atomzero Symbiosis"

ATOMZERO was initially a UK –based music project by Peter Godziszewski. Later relocated this project to Canada, and joined by Gord Clement. This new partnership brought strong vocals and a more melody driven band of electronic music, a fuse of electro pop and EBM into a modern mix.

On this debut album ‘Symbiosis’ they bring explosive songs full of melody and nice beats. But also the powerfully delivered lyrics and vocals bring most songs alive. The opening track ‘MisDirection’ is directly bang on, the drum and the beats penetrate your ears and make this song to a real danceable track that will take it to a higher level. Tracks like ‘Build Decay’ or ‘Surface’ , are again powerful and aggressive, perfect underground electro tracks.

More darkl synths on ‘Blockade’, superb synth loops and energetic vocals. Most other tracks bring out a kind of electro pop meets EBM feeling, and the track ‘Nature Without Sound’ is with the raw vocal intro superb, and one of my personal favorites But hard to choose favorites, because most tracks are elegantly nice songs with great melodies. For a debut album this is quite good, and promising. Hope to hear more from this band soon. - Peek-A-Boo Music and Movie Magazine


Atomzero bring us their debut album with an explosive and nitro-charged piece of electronic energy & intent. Sit back & await your senses to be teased & tantalised to the maximum as atomzero unleash their wizardry & genius upon your MisDirected soul…

1. MisDirection
Relentless drum sequence penetrates away as the chanting vocal opening begins to open your mind. The vocals begin to find melody as the track enters a new phase & the bass begins to reverberate generating a tense feeling. Powerfully delivered lyrics combined with layered synths force this danceable track into the next level. MisDirection? This was skilfully directed with focus & design.

2. Symbiotic
Densely crafted lyrics delivered with a sneer add a layer of malice to this fast-paced electro giant. The treated vocals add the right amount of synthetic effect giving the track a darkly underground electro feel. Moody & explosive wrapped in a shroud of raw energy.

3. Build Decay
Angry & aggressive; a more industrial feeling to this track as the drum sequences are sped up & the chord changes move to overload. Amazing vocal treatment; reminiscent of early N.I.N. Gritty & edgy, this track motors on red-lining from the grid to the chequered flag; no pause for breath on this one!

4. Ghost Inside
Slower pace after the last track giving us time to catch our breath. Atmospheric synths & much lower BPM allowing for a closer focus on the crisp & crystal clear vocals. Elegantly crafted song combining melodies & tones to offer a relaxed but still stylish track.

5. Surface
Stunning combination of lyrics, delivered melodically wrapped in synths layered carefully & all built around a tower of tempo that is relentless in its approach. Focus on the lyrical content pushes this track forward offering yet another side to the skill-set of atomzero.

6. Blockade
A much deeper & awkward electro track exploring a more painfully emotional side of atomzero resulting in a haunting & electrifying track. Superb synths border the edges holding in the built-up energy brewing inside from the exquisitely delivered vocals. One of the finest moments on the album. Sinister tension at every turn.

7. Dissent
EBM style tempo reverberates inside your head as this tracks evolves. Double-backed style vocals give this a darker feel & creates disturbing images. Chanting vocals; although still melodic manage to maintain the EBM effect; lyrics well moulded together. Another ‘finest’ moment on the album.

8. Nature Without Sound
Raw vocals make the opening gritty & edgy eventually finding a more melodic tone as they become embraced with synths. Perfectly awkward track that doesn’t find its way, but that is the point; this isn’t supposed to be a tranquil & relaxing piece. The lyrical content has to be delivered painfully raw to express the discord. I rarely choose a favourite but I can’t contain my excitement over this chaotic perfection!

9. Divisions
This atmospheric track creates images of an aesthetic quality; although it takes the occasional twist where upon a dark cloud tries to encompass the scene before being gently brushed aside with a wave of translucent emotion. Okay, it’s an instrumental & I’m not really one for instrumentals!

10. Brave
Gone are the fast-paced drum sequences & programming & on come the slow synths creating an energy that builds slowly as the track unfolds. Vocals left untreated & delivered pure. As the track evolves the tension builds & the vocals increase in depth & become painfully passionate. Depressive song beautifully crafted & performed. - Hooded Stranger


04.2014 MisDirection EP

05.2014 Symbiosis LP

12.2014 Symbiosis (European Special Edition) LP



Based in Toronto, ATOMZERO is the songwriting partnership of Peter Godzisewski and Andrew Hunter (replacing Gord Clement) delivering melody-driven and thoughtful brand of dark electronic music. Fusing classic electronic influences of early electro-pop, industrial and EBM into a modern mix with dancefloor friendly beats. Self-released an EP and a full-length album in 2014 got Atomzero noticed and signed to AnalogueTrash Records for UK/Europe representation and re-released the album in a special edition with additional tracks and remixes. For live shows the duo were joined on stage by Norm Jolin on guitars and Mike Kozak on drums.

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