A.Tone Da Priest

A.Tone Da Priest

 Atlanta, Georgia, USA
BandHip HopPop

A new breed of artist who does it all. Whether hip hop, pop, rock or alternative this multi-instrumentalist breaks all boundaries in conventional music. As a true student of music, he is able to combine genres effortlessly never once sounding out of place or forced.


Marco Antonio Restrepo (born October 22, 1989), better known by his stage name A.Tone Da Priest, is an American rapper from Atlanta, GA. Marco was born to Nigerian and Panamanian parents. He began his career in 2007 as an artist and producer when he was discovered by The J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League. With their assistance he was put on as an intern at Hot Beats Recording Studios in Atlanta where he would eventually teach himself how to engineer and begin to compile vast amounts of musical material. Also in the process, he was able to meet and work with some of the most prominent names in the music industry such as Lil Wayne, Bone Thugs, Drake, Mya, to Young Jeezy in addition to several other executives and celebrities. This provided an excellent environment for A.Tone to humble himself, refining his crafts underneath the watching eye and scrutiny of the music industry, also enabling him to develop a mind for the business side of the industry which many artists have overlooked in the midst of all the glamour and fame.

Born in Marietta, Marco moved to several other parts of Atlanta, Georgia throughout his childhood and teen years, due to his parents being separated and constantly relocating. These moves and lack of a sense of stability profoundly affected him, as he became much more independent and reluctant to open up to many, only truly expressing his mind through music. From a young age, Marco was exposed to several types of music by his father who had a record collection ranging from salsa, funk, and Motown amongst other things. This spiked his interest in music immensely. From a very young age Marco was known to learn all the words to songs and perform along to them aloud every time his favorite artist would come on. He would mimic the likes of Jackie Wilson, The Marcels, Stevie Wonder, along with anything and everything on popular radio exuding a confidence and excitement in his showings which would make all around him pay attention. In his teen years, beginning to develop his own taste, he would obtain an unyielding passion for hip hop and punk rock. A.Tone to this date cites Eazy-E, Outkast, 2Pac, Big L, T.I., Nirvana, Linkin Park and Sum41 as his biggest musical influences.

A.Tone Da Priest has made several mix tape appearances since stepping into music in 2007, many of which he himself hosted under the DJ moniker A.m.P., which is a childhood nickname of his. Officially he has released one EP titled “The Address EP”, which was released in 2011 underneath his independent entertainment company Farsyde Entertainment. A.Tone’s style has been described as an “endless onslaught of wise words and well-crafted flows” by journalist Chris Barth. A.Tone has a large internet following as well boasting of a million plus views on numerous videos of his music on YouTube, thousands of downloads, and ten million plus hits on Google. He is currently enrolled at Georgia State University seeking his bachelor’s degree in Marketing.


Get Up And Go

Written By: Marco A. Restrepo

Hook (2x):
Get up and go start your day
Say it wit me, we gone get this pay
Get up and go (4x)
Get up and go, whatchu gone do
You the only one can make your dream come true
Get up and go

Get up and go, we on the road again
On a track im back n fact you know its gone explode again
Caint gloat or showem man amazing ingagin shit im spittin
My description is my vision very vivid you should listen
Missin neva that in fact im pickin up the slack
For the ones up in the back who couldn’t keep up with the pack
Ill make a pact, whatever the timen ill be grinding
Riding fast through life, so cold like ice a star because im shining
Rhyming quick be cuzim lively, lines be jumpin off the sheet
Just cruising boostin volumes fallin all into the beat
Get so high to get so deep, a twisted source of inspiration
But my mind is my creation, I achieve through concentration
Breakin barriers impairing your ability to reason
Even if I wunt the best you cannot say your not believing
Were not even close even, othas wonda why im risen
Its my timen plus i does these things which bring my dreams to life man

Hook (2x)

Verse 2:
The fact is, ima bring the track right back quick
Herbal medication cuz my flow is so sick
I make hits, catch you off guard it’s a knockout
Shocked bout this give you something to talkbout
A walkout, shout give me mine im fidna take it
Cake we bake at rates that make the haters agrivated
Craven hazen blunt so break a dutch up we be puffin
Nothin short extrodinary, spare me need no introduction
Its in you that I am trustin, are you trustin in me
They say there aint nobody like em would you tend to agree
Can you take this heat, fur coats in the summer
Impact, just a little lightning for my thunder
I Wonder when im goin, cuz I see no end
When my leverage competitors no d so they offend
Rules I bend, who will send a message to this man
Been a rebel notha level shit my mental is my plan


Written By: Marco A. Restrepo

Fell onto this earth first day bucking Nonchalant no goals just living for nothing Sought destruction, shutting out the angels tryna speak to me These demons to my hands with no demands accept believe we And never weep tears, fearful of a soul flying Keep inside all your pains to ensure your slowly dying Prying away at my fabric that’s of the moral type So confused cannon loose not knowing wrong from right Yet still polite, it’s not my duty here to lead the meek and frail What I expel excel the mind past concrete Nothing to keep, here then gone no time assigned to miss me No plots in dirt or accounts of birth all eyes dry not misty These urges tryna get me to do all evil deeds For money honies, drugs, guns and an abundance of this greed It’s tough to see, the light when everything in life been dark thus far I’m search for the answer that matters, oh where’s my shooting star

I Got a cold heart, sinful,
Lost on this mission tryna keep my soul
Said this world dark, cause this pain so old
Sorta make it hard to try to keep control (2x)

Why the fuck you say it, if you don’t really mean it then It’s hard to see the difference tween what’s real and not pretend These days do send obstacles impossible temptations Placed in face and then flaunted the illest persuasion Penetration of the brain, gaining pain no safe haven Oh my body feels so cold, as I’m getting old this temp not changing Just might be deranged in this alternate reality Where all that’s pleasure together with pain is just a fallacy Galaxies apart from mine as time goes on eternally And yet I feel so selfish as if the flames only burning me Constantly mind be tweaked, I can’t see nothing positive Seen bodies lying, families crying, ain’t nobody stopping this Why I won’t take a shot at this cause I don’t know what this means Every time I do solve issues I leave a crime scene Just to haunt my dreams I can’t sleep my conscious guilty I need someone to tell me what wrong can yall feel me?

I Got a cold heart, sinful,
Lost on this mission tryna

You Party

Written By: Marco A. Restrepo, Zeuz

You say you party, Ay! / We say its life, uh huh / You plan a weekend, but see we do this every single night (2x)

I’m stepping out, night life, here I come another one / for the book I’m on the lookout for a number one / To get her done, fresh gear spearmint a rubber band / damn my pockets fat so shots for my number 10s / 8 and 9s, under 7s go look for the other dude / no drama I’m just P.U.I, don’t mind my attitude / my eyes are glued on a sexy body and she all good / money all around my dear, we living like we all should / and we all could arrange a get together / get away from here to party two I’ll get to know you better / I’d say you better, don’t wanna miss this opportunity / orbiting a star mah, us and them, you and me / she flew with me, live it up a night so incomparable / we rock star status, she couldn’t recall I think she scared to know / let her go with just a dose but soon it had to end / cause for us we keep moving sunrise sunset do it all again

Walk up in the party and I’m smoking on pollution / Yea I pop X man but I’m not a mutant / So damn high everything seems amusing, ha-ha, everything seems amusing / Tryna hit her g spot, gotta make a slight right / Yea I’m a pussy monster girls need a night light / when I’m in the pussy it’s an automatic night night / I’m fresh to death, do you see that fucking white light / These day every girl is a whore to me / yea I fuck em all cause my dick likes minorities / your girl report to me, but I’m no anchorman, I beat it up you short stroke spank her man / Life is a party, it’s a rave in particular / living in the fast lane my death gonna be vehicular/ Life is a party, it’s a rave in particular / living in the fast lane my death gonna be vehicular


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Songs w/ Radio Airplay:
• A.Tone Da Priest – Get Up & Go
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Set List

Get Up & Go
I Will Not Stop
You Party
Not Waiting