A Tortured Soul

A Tortured Soul

 Cudahy, Wisconsin, USA
BandMetalDoom Metal

We're a very Skilled Metal band Conforming sectional break downs into existing melody s with blinding lead work and bass lines that complement the blizzard of drumming performed and 6 octave Vocals with great written Riffing perviously un seen by normal musical Standards Take my word on this youll love it


Formed in the Year of 2001 A Tortured Soul began its first Breath of Molten Steel Openining up for Death Metal bands such as Userper and Putrid Pile only 13' Days after they had met.They where bound by the love of an evil craft ,and so they began challenging a dead midwestern metal market with massive halloween festivals the like as none have seen before

Bands from all over the midwestern states played these shows and A Tortured Soul began to build a name for itself as an old school metal sound with a thrash metal influence.Of course lead singer Rick Black's lyric's will allways show traces of his black metal roots just as the band compositions will show their molten heavy metal core. Fast as Hell guitar leads are the signiture of Brian Bolle and the Searing Guitar work of Nate Gorenc, as well as the amazing  Bass Riffing performed Nightly by Dewayne Bolle.

Then there is the killer drumming Duane Timlin provide's that will pound the shit out of you every time you hear his fast double bass attack, or the skilled percussive tones of  his one of a kind percussion mastery .

Rick Black is the vocalist who is self trained in the lost art of very ,very high vocals With an extreme range you must experience to believe.

The band released their first CD, 2007 Kiss of the Thorn, Eyes Like Snow Records

Second Release Lucifers Fate on Pure Steel Records

and Now Completing their 3rd release ( featuring the single Crimson night)On this Evil Night


Cut and Bleed

Written By: A Tortured Soul

Fool laughs blood flows from his face

He stares out in the world

No longer in control of his life gone he’s lost the race

Standing all alone he never sees tomorrow’s light

Blood tracks well in the snow and now there’s nowhere left to hide

No shelter in the night

Innocence and fear

No shelter in the night

Fire burning clear

Cut and bleed decapitate the heads will roll

Death is here

Cut and bleed decapitate the heads will roll

With a stare

No safe place to hide blood is in the air

No shelter in the night

Fire burning clear

Cut and bleed


Written By: A Tortured Soul

Hear the story of the black horsemen

Who served their king to spread blood across the land

Till they were burned, quite terrible indeed

Set fire to his own, on Friday the thirteen

We are the dark, you fear in the night

We are the grave that feeds on the light


Rape, murder, blood, we ride until light

The black horsemen bringing death across the night

Legend lives on

Today in the hearts of men

Without souls

Black to Red

Written By: Lyrics Rick Black /Music A TORTURED SOUL

Black to red a voice in my head
tears of Blood I taste my soul is set to waste
Black to Red Bullet in my head so hear what I say fore now I am Dead . Great Evil is calling its calling tonight
A demon is calling for he is the light
on this evil night I lost my soul
On this Evil night the face of death Behold


Tommorow's Door(2005)
Kiss of the Thorn (2007)

Lucifers Fate (2010)

Mourning Son (2016)

Set List

Original Material

Lucifers Fate
White Chapel
Evil Side
little girl
tomorrows door
not tonight
the chain
cut and bleed
evil side
alter of sangria
kiss of the thorn