Rotterdam, South Holland, NLD

A flying experience is what you will get in ATOS concert !!

It's a psychedelic jazz trio....


Wieland Möeller Gonçalo Almeida Lucas Acuña

Atos is an original contemporary-Jazz trio working for more than five years together. Connecting different musical backgrounds (argentinian, modern Jazz, world folklore, etc) Atos seeks the nature of its members throughout originals compositions, improvisations and interpretations of songs. This approach inspires the group, and leads the Trio to make contact with audiences from diverse backgrounds. The band is based in Rotterdam since 2003. With charismatic bass player and composer, Gonçalo Almeida (Portugal), Lucas Acuña (Argentina) and his atmospheric, full guitar sounds and compositions, and drummer Wieland Möeller (Germany) who gives an energetic beat to a lyrical but grounded music .

Some venues and festivals where Atos has performed :
Holland : The Smart Project Space (Amsterdam), Trytone Festival (Amsterdam), De Doelen (Rotterdam) Rotterdamse Schouwburg (Rotterdam), Worm (Rotterdam), Old photo Museum (Rotterdam)

Belgium : Hot Club de Gant ( Gent), El NEgocito ( Gent)

Portugal :Hot Club (Lisbon)Trem Azul, Clean Feed (Lisbon), Fabrica Braço de Prata (Lisbon), Music Box (Lisbon), Club Jazz ao Norte (Porto)

Poland :Crossroads Festival (Lodz)

Germany :ST. JAKOBI (Straulsund),St.Spiritus (Greifwald), CarLo615 (Rostock), Johann Rese (Berlin), Jazz Festival in Klein Jasedow.

Argentina : Auditorium Facultad de Lenguas (Cordoba), Museo Caraffa ( Córdoba ) , Festival de Jazz del El Bolson (Rio Negro), Thelonious ( Buenos Aires)