...A Toys Orchestra

...A Toys Orchestra

 Bologna, Emilia-Romagna, ITA

“a panorama of fragile piano folk, Euro-pop melodrama, low-voltage psychedelia” (Uncut)


A Toys Orchestra are among the trailblazers of credible Italian Indie-Rock. They appear like a
large musical horizon, that begins at the native coast of Southern Italy and spreads over Europe
and the US, with a shimmering air, here and there laden with the dust of their Punk Rock
background, dense clouds of American indie/alternative Rock of the 90ies, and sometimes
eclectic lightning of Bowie and Kurt Weill, patronized by the Beatles and Pink Floyd.
Born in 1998, they have emerged from a DIY-Underground-act to Italys Indie-Rock act
Number one, always maintaining a musical and personal credibility. A strong word of mouth
paved the way to acclaimed award-winning records, countless applauded live shows,
collaborations as resident band in the national television with media-star Fabio Volo and quality
cinema and movie synchronization always keeping their eight feet on the ground.
After years of underground touring, A Toys Orchestra released their 1st album Job (Fridge Recs) in
2001, which set a first mark in the Italian musical landscape.
A true national awareness arrived with the award-winning clip Peter Pan Syndrome, taken of their
second album Cuckko Boohoo (2004, Urtovox). All major and underground channels broadcasted the
Fabio Luongo-directed clip. More than 160 shows only in Italy in one season followed the release.
Ready for the next step, A Toys Orchestra engaged Dustin O Hallaran of the Devics to produce their
again acclaimed masterpiece Technicolor Dreams (2007, Urtovox), that over the years became an
evergreen of Indie Rock from Italy, again award-winning, e.g. as Best Italian Album 2007 at MEI.
Rave reviews, from indie to mainstream media called the album one of those records that every
band would like to put out in their career: full of pop and strain, soft and dark atmospheres, and songs
of a tangible depth (MTV). All relevant media aired the clip of Powder on the words, several songs
were used in national television and cinema.
Technicolor Dreams was also the first significant international step. An exclusive Radio-Concert at
RAI1 (national public radio) was aired through the European Broadcast Union. A successful 3-week
European tour followed short after the release through Cargo Records. An overwhelming feedback
came unexpectedly from the English BBC Radio 2, who chose even two songs as single of the week
a knightly accolade. Also the whole album gained overwhelming critics form whole Europe. Of the same
album, three songs were featured in the American underground movie Remember The Daze, by Jess
Midnight Talks (2010, Urtovox) and the follow-up Midnight Revolution (2011, Alabianca/Urtovox)
consolidated the success, with sold out shows in the most relevant Italian venues, headliner festival
slots and the appearance at the traditional May 1st Event in Rome, Italys biggest live music event,
broadcasted live on national public television.
Through a synchronization in Massimo Venier/Fabio Volos film Il giorno in pi, A Toys Orchestra
were invited to be the resident band in Fabio Volos TV program Volo in diretta on national public TV
Rai 3, a whole new experience, a balancing act, finally acclaimed by fans, critics and audience.

In 2013 they performed as official European Braodcast Union-Selection at the Eurosonic in Groningen, NL, while they are actually working on a new album to be recorded in Berlin early 2014.


An Introduction to… (2012, Urtovox)
Midnight (Re)volution (LP, 2011, Alabianca/Urtovox)
Rita Lin Songs (EP, 2011, Alabianca/Urtovox)
Midnight Talks (LP, 2010, Urtovox)
Technicolor Dreams (LP, 2007, Urtovox)
Cuckoo Boohoo (LP, 2004, Urtovox)
Job (LP, 2001, Fridge)