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Ever since we started ten years ago we've been running a live concert series called the Next Wave In Music Series, which began with our 1st year anniversary party. The idea was to try to get similar acts together to play on a bill so that the audience would hopefully stick around and "cross pollinate" between the bands. More fans for the artists, more patrons for the venue - everybody wins.

Sometimes we experiment, sometimes we mix it up, sometimes we just try to fill a night when bands cancel.

This first one after our 10 year anniversary party brought us to the new Vintage Lounge in Levittown on
Saturday April 21st where we featured a cornacopia of styles including: Joe Murena (courtesy of Kris at the Vintage), Fear of Fred, Sonic Bliss, and Atrophy (courtesy of the J from RadioX).

Closing out the night was a band called Atrophy who the J of RadioXposed brought to the night.
Atrophy features Louie Mann on vocals, Pete Hellers on guitars, Ray Kuhner on bass, and Pete Murawski on drums. They play a heavy alternative style of rock, and the band was pretty tight but Mann was
hampered by a nasty cold. It didn't stop him from trying to put on a good show, so we give him kudos for perservering in the face of adversity! - Aural Fix

"ATROPHY MP3 Review"

The first song I heard, No Reasons, the singer gives off a Yeahhhhh, reminds me of James Hetfield. He does have that same tone, but only sometimes. When the singer wants the heavier, rougher vocals to come out, then when he uses that style. Otherwise, he has a nice vocal style, kind of reminds me of Nickleback (dude, I am so sorry). So a cross between Heffield and Nickleback singer, that's not bad. Music is heavy rock. In this song too, the drummer displays his double bass skills and it was pretty fast. I think their sound could be just a little better, but after rereading the website, the tracks on line are not mastered, and the mastered ones will be coming soon. They sound like a Breaking Benjamin or a Three Days Grace, with a touch of thrash metal. I have never heard those guys use a double bass, so Atrophy has an extra leg (literally) on them. - Jen's Metal Page


ATROPHY-Conscious EP

Radio Airplay:

"No Reasons" featured on RadioXposed



Atrophy's sound is all their own: comprised of powerfully-soothing vocals, crunching guitar sounds, unbelievable bass guitar and drums that cut through you with genial precision. Honest lyrics lead you through every emotion possible, bringing listeners to the darker side of rock with hook-driven alternative music that feels familiar, yet it is unlike anything you've heard.

Picture this flawless marriage if you will: Strong melody and emotional connection, a plethora of songs that draw from a diverse list of combined musical influences... Atrophy promises to deliver a blazing recipe of pure heartfelt expression that is sure to be seen and heard the moment these guys hit the stage.

You will find that Atrophy harbors no tricks here, just great songs and a broader sense for conveying from the darkest depths of the human soul. Haunting, dark and just goddamn catchy are phrases you might say describe this newcoming rock band from NYC whose plain sight talent, determination and endless ambition for what they do holds no limits... and it shows.