It'd be way too easy for us to sit here and tell you that our sound is original. After all, what's truly original nowadays, right? Instead we leave that up to you, to the ears of the beholder.


Atrophy's sound is all their own: comprised of powerfully-soothing vocals, crunching guitar sounds, unbelievable bass guitar and drums that cut through you with genial precision. Honest lyrics lead you through every emotion possible, bringing listeners to the darker side of rock with hook-driven alternative music that feels familiar, yet it is unlike anything you've heard.

Picture this flawless marriage if you will: Strong melody and emotional connection, a plethora of songs that draw from a diverse list of combined musical influences... Atrophy promises to deliver a blazing recipe of pure heartfelt expression that is sure to be seen and heard the moment these guys hit the stage.

You will find that Atrophy harbors no tricks here, just great songs and a broader sense for conveying from the darkest depths of the human soul. Haunting, dark and just goddamn catchy are phrases you might say describe this newcoming rock band from NYC whose plain sight talent, determination and endless ambition for what they do holds no limits... and it shows.



Written By: Words by Louie Mann/Pete Hellers

Take a breath and stop to see the damage done.
My hands are aching. I hardly can but still I run.
I can’t believe how everyone’s turned their back on me.
Such a waste, refusing the truth. I just can’t see.

Why… don’t you open your eyes?
See the world for the first time.
And you… aren’t living your life.
Talk your way out with more lies.
Can I open my own eyes?

I fail to see through the veils of my ignorance.
And so I close myself and try to forget all about innocence.
What a bullshit excuse. I’m the one who’s blind.
Break all your vows. Start to kiss em all… goodbye, goodbye.

Look inside yourself!
Open your own eyes.
Look inside yourself!
See for the first time, yeah.
Look inside yourself!
Open your own eyes.
Look inside yourself!
Speak with no more lies.

Your Knife

Written By: Words by Louie Mann

I wait for what is gonna happen next.
It’s goin’ through my tortured head.
And I’m waiting every goddamn day now.
Sick of all the lies you must say.
And I believed them.

You should know I’m startin’ a new life.
No more throwing myself on your knife.
You intend on breakin’ all of me.
Ooh… Go ahead, keep on judging me.

I don’t wanna remain here any longer.
Heading for a life of secrecy.
And I won’t be standin’ right here by your side.
You had me so I couldn’t breathe.
Did you regret that?

Wasted now, and you watch me sink down.
Screaming and pleading. My throat begins bleedin’. Watch me sink down.

You should know, you should know better.
You pretend, you pretend to care. Ooh…
Watch me sink down.

No Reasons

Written By: Words by Louie Mann

Make up your mind.
Can’t you stay in line?
You say what you want. Say what you will.
I’m waitin’ till you’re done talkin’.
You do what you want. Do what isn’t right.
I longed for your sacred garden.

There ain’t no way it’s gonna stop.
You’re outta control.
I ain’t got no reasons why we fall into this hole.
There ain’t no way back.
Guess we’re spinnin’ outta control.
I ain’t got no reasons. No reasons.

Then you crash into me.
It’s so hard to conceive.
When you get what you want. Get what you need.
No words to heal me broken.
Then you throwin’ to me. What I’m throwin’ to you.
Am I wrong for haven chosen?

I’m so tired of losin’.
Can’t take no more abusin’.
Said I’ll go where I want. Go where I choose.
Watch as I’m done packin’.
Can’t take no more shit. Baby, this is it.
You’re so fucked up and you’re laughin’.


ATROPHY-Conscious EP

Radio Airplay:

"No Reasons" featured on RadioXposed

Set List

Good Nuff' For You?
Turn Tonight
No Reasons
Drag Me Down
Your Knife
So Wrong
Buried Alive

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All Rights Reserved.

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