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Sex with no love

Written By: Atsuo Nitta & Daniel chin

Verse 1:
If a man is programmed to spread
His genetic seeds widely,
Is a woman programmed to seek
Better genes for her children to be?

Verse 1 (Rap):
PEA, MAO, Stimulate your physical
Make the ride real pleasureful
But what you get when you take it slow
Ain’t nothing like the down low

Creepin maybe right for the night
But a shorty on the side ain’t like the wife
The love you get is unconditional
But sex with a freak is uncontrollable

Sex with no love may be fun
But nothing compares to the other way around
In, the long run
Using someone makes you feel alone (repeat)

Verse 2:
Don’t make it hard on yourself, girl
If you only want the goods and no love
Tell him the truth, make sure he understands
And don’t try to make him your man

Verse 2 (Rap):
See what I mean is, if I’m not feeling him
I can make him go way
Not really into the dating thing,
Loving and kissing and tryna mate

All I need is a warm body close enough
That I don’t suffocate
Once in a while, when I wanna a hug
Can’t cramp my style and he can’t try to stay

(Hook) 2X

Bridge (Rap):
If he come around more than once or twice
He gonna wanna make you the wife
Then you got trouble on your head
Wonderin ‘bout the next girl in your bed

Don’t wanna be a baby factory
Don’t wanna man lookin afta me
Just wanna little love physically
Stick n move baby girl can’t you see


Bridge (Rap):

When you come around to love and thangs
Keep up with yourself don’t lose your name
Show yourself respect and he will too
Not about game is all about you

If you come to thinking he’s the one
Don’t forget to have a little fun
Thangs you did with the freaky man
Love and fun can go hand in hand

(Hook to end…)


Written By: Atsuo Nitta & Daniel chin

What you tryin' to do? you wanna take control (control over me)
You can't have me, if you don't give me (give me good love)

You're tryin' to dominate me
is that how you wanna treat me.
materialistic thangs ain't gonna lure me (oh no)

I wonder if your only game is lies (woe)
I wonder if you gonna let me down?
I wanna know right now
you think you can make it rain
Why you tryin' to drive me insane
I'm not gonna cry, I'm not gonna get hurt
I'm a different kinda girl

you can't control me
get control ova me
you can't control me
give me good love

you try to tell me what to do, what to wear, how to be
when we go out you decide what I eat, and what I need

I wonder how you're gonna be when you see you can't control me
I wonder if your mind is strong enough to stay when you don't have your way
Money can get you everything but me
You think you are Prince on a throne
You want a new toy to own, but...


(Bridge 1)
let's talk about love when you don't have sex on your mind
that's gonna turn me on, come on baby , try me (try me)
(I got a little something for you tonight)
If only you could let things breath
then you would have me, baby
and every pleasure you can conceive, believe me (believe me)