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"Chart Attack - NXNE report card"

Overall grade 96/100

"Attack In Black have been on the road with Alexisonfire, Cancer Bats and many others. I believe
that it is for this reason that they've stepped up their game. I don’t mean to suggest that they're mere
hangers-on; on the contrary, these guys are a force to be reckoned with. Spot-on harmonies, sing-along
choruses, seemingly never ending build-ups that explode into masterful climaxes, and youthful good looks will
propel these guys throughout their career as a band. Think of them as a more commercially friendly version of
The Constantines mixed with Sparta.

Standing at the microphone, the poised singer’s gaze was ever searching and drawing
people into the spectacle that the band were manufacturing. Crisp vocals allowed people
to be reeled in by highly mature and relatable lyrics. There were moments where the
crowd sang the lead melodies as the band created a washing harmony executed at such
a high degree that it almost seemed angelic. Such well pronounced, poignant lyrics are a
rarity in youthful rock bands, but these guys proved that they are not at all afraid of
people hearing what they're saying. The reason being that every member of the
audience, young or old, could relate to the desperate shouts.

The songs ranged from slow blue-collar ballads, to fast-paced punk influenced rock 'n' roll. The peaks and valleys of the songs were particularly notable. Not ever satisfied by
locking into the same groove for an entire song, Attack In Black mutated rhythmically
to provide the most pleasurable experience possible. Every member of the unit
performed at a high level, including the audience who were members of the band by
proxy through their participation. The only notable "weakness" would be the lack of
direct band/audience interaction. However, this was one of those occasions where the
music was so good that if the band had interacted more with the audience, they would
have felt robbed of the rock.

The songs themselves provided enough charisma for the entire band, so much so, that
band/audience interaction seemed unnecessary. Each song flowed into the next with a
brief introduction that displayed the organizational and technical prowess of a
road-tested band. The most noteworthy element of the performance was the ability to
get the crowd directly involved in the songs, and I can’t stress this enough. These guys
did a remarkable job of telepathically inspiring even the shyest audience members to
contribute a yell or some melody to their immaculately arranged anthems. - Chart Attack


The Curve of the Earth
Release Date: November 13, 2007
Label: Dine Alone Records

1. I'm Going to Forget
2. Ever Faster
3. Sparrow
4. Water Touched My Face
5. Now That I'm Dying
6. You're Such an Only Child
7. Morning Bird / Water Lines
8. Ever Bright Ever Blue
9. Rope
10. Sounds of Dawn and Dusk
11. Lady of the Lourdes
12. The Curve of the Earth

Release Date: July 31, 2007
Label: Dine Alone Records

1. Come What May
2. Young Leaves
3. Hunger Of The Young
4. Inches And Ages
5. Marriage
6. If All I Thought Were True
7. Broken Things
8. Footprints
9. The Love Between You And I
10. Northern Towns
11. Husbands
12. Chimes And Church Bells

Widows E.P
Release Date: September 7, 2006
Label: Dine Alone Records

1) Broken Things
2) The Love Between You and I
3) Cut and Run
4) 1950



“Inside, for some time, everything starts to feel like nothing. When there is no give or pull, no change, that nothing spreads. It expands as new universes might in all directions enveloping all things around you until they too seem like nothing. Four people find each other and understand themselves better. Four people find the night and the world together. Four people's inspiration rests softly upon that which surely inspired language and music at their most young and innocent. Four people's expressions are then one ambition. They live to lend to the world, by choruses of choruses, a moment imbued wholly with life. Its radiance juxtaposed against a grey and endless curtain of languor. Brightness falling always from the air. Faces in the flowers smiling. Find us in the wells of water spotting reflections luminously on your soft umbrella of exalted time. Find, in them, your proud and distant parts. Find us,by time, desirous of nothing and of nowhere...” Attack in Black ~ June 2007

Hailing from Welland, Ontario, Attack in Black, have quickly won over audiences and critics with their debut release Marriage, a collection of stunning folk-infused songs that merge the soul of old school rock ‘n’ roll with the body of modern day punk rock. Although Attack in Black’s sound may at first closely resemble popular forms of punk rock, it is not fitting to simply categorize the quartet as a “punk rock” band. Various artists and authors that many people would not relate with the genre have influenced the band: from Bruce Springsteen and Neil Young, to Refused and Ramones, to Henry Miller and Charles Bukowski. These are the muses that have lead to the lyrics and sounds of Attack In Black.

In Spring 2006, Attack in Black signed to Dine Alone Records (home to City and Colour, Bedouin Soundclash, The End, Walter Schreifels and Black Lungs). Although still cultivating a youthful musical career, the band has already graced the covers of Exclaim! Magazine, and various weeklies, shared the stages with City and Colour, Alexisonfire, Built To Spill, Moneen, Sparta, and Weakerthans, as well as performed at prominent UK festivals. Currently the most played Canadian artist on the Edge 102.1, the band is a feature performer at the 2007 CASBYs, and is honoured to be one of the few artists invited to perform on Borrowed Tunes II: A Tribute to Neil Young.
Attack in Black will play live on MuchMusic’s highly rated MuchOnDemand where the video for “Young Leaves” is in heavy rotation.