Attack On Uranus

Attack On Uranus


Modern Punk Rock taking the opposite route of the emo scene. With a heavy emphasis on the early roots of punk rock and hardcore. We add new energy and a modern twist. CONTACT US AT:


Attack On Uranus began and then kept going... and hasn't stopped yet. We are the explode on site band and we never fail to please. Jared Castle's vocal performances range from gutteral cries of panic and despair to soothing dark melodies crooned from a wounded soul. The music is at the heart of punk rock. Pure. Free. Loud.
Band members Jared Wreck, Neill Smith, Thom Rose and Travis Strawn, hail from vast and various musical backgrounds and have distilled their efforts into this dense yet atmospheric, sometimes brutal sometimes gental sound.
The band recently recorded the tracks to their first album "Transient Love" at Westend Studios in Kansas City under the guidance of Duane Trower (Season to Risk, Quitters Club, Great Fire of 1666). The record release party was off the chain and everyone made it home safely!
Our plans for world domination are currently active and we hope to take over Uranus soon!



Attack On Uranus / Transient Love / 2007

Set List

Yes You Death 2:55
Fuck Shit Up 2:11
Problems 1:22
Whiskey dick :53
Bitch! 1:40
Blow out 2:44
Solution 2:28
Girl Like You 3:21
Transient Love 2:23
Shitten Kitten 2:53
Black and Red 1:20
1984 2:23
Jesus 3:31
plus more
usually 45min- 1hr set is performed