Attack Release

Attack Release


Imagine, if you will, a loud, tight rock band that plays loud, tight tuneful rock songs. That's Attack Release; that's plenty.


Youth is wasted on the young. Attack Release plays fury without the folly, resignation without the drama, modern boredom without the precocity. Nothing slick about it, which is to say nothing unnecessary: just lean, candid guitar rock about the sad romances of people and places. Think Television, but minus the convolution; Guided By Voices, but minus the logorrhea; Pavement, but post-Pavement. Think Guitar Hero, if you like, except with songs you didn’t know you loved. Attack Release is necessary in the way the best bands have always been necessary: simple, tuneful, and unerringly wise. Fully aware of all the times and places of the world and, better still, at home in none of them. --Daniel Levin Becker


"Reputation Maker"/"Hair" Mercury Lounge twin-single

Set List

Attack Release plays a 45-minute set:

Yesterday's Another Day
Try So Hard
Every Other Time
Reputation Maker
Red Light Fever
Threshold of Pain
Soft Drugs
No Sugar