Attack the City

Attack the City


Attack the City is a hard rock/hardcore band from Boston, MA. Exploring the idea of ambient electronic beats, mixed with heavy, driving rhythms, they are taking the Boston scene by storm.


ATC was formed in the spring of '08. Sean, Sam, Peter, Rudy and Luke, all friends from college, met up and started writing some songs. In the fall of '08 the band found Johnny to complete the lineup. Heavily influenced by electronic hard rock bands like the Receiving end of sirens, Saosin, and Underoath amongst others, ATC blends ambient electronic beats with driving rhythms and heavy breakdowns. Their unique blend of tasteful, high pitched vocals and deep screams, mixed with subtle synth beats creates a high intensity live show. Keep an eye out for ATC shows in Boston, northern New Jersey, and everywhere in between!


"We have seen the enemy, he is us" LP due out summer '09.

Set List

Our typical set list consists of about 5 original songs, but growing rapidly. They are:

Distance and Distress
Pack Your Bags
She That God Forbid...
Cast Away